The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


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Subject: Majnun: Reality checks
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 22:11:29 -0500 (EST)
Gentlemen and lady:

I really must--uncharacteristically--agree with my good wife.

1. *Any* sort of an organization is an absolute nonstarter at this
point.  That is the one thing that will not in any way be tolerated.
There is a clear precedent in the Guardian's handling of the New History
Society.  It will just get us all thrown out on our ears, force the decent
people to back the scoundrels, and in all likely push the Faith back into
the intellectual ghetto, much like happened after the expulsion of Sohrab.
 Let's forget it and erase the messages suggesting it.

2. Ditto *Modest Proposal II*.  It didn't work last time and it won't work
this time.  It will just polarize the situation.

3. Ditto direct attacks on individuals.  Leave them to dig their own
graves; they have, after all, staff to help them.  Attacks on members of
the NSA by organized or perceived-to-be-organized agitators, particularly
members of the notorious ex-West LA crowd, will force the House to rally
to the defence of the NSA.

4. Let us remember that we have won three rounds recently: Talisman was
not strangled in its cradle; the NSA seems to have backed down on
attacking ****--according to rumor because they feared that ******* would sue
them, I am gratified to say; and the NSA is standing
its ground against the House on the issue of the Baha'i encyclopedia. 

5. We have hit on a winning strategy, I think:
 a) Avoid direct confrontations whenever possible.
 b) If attacked, as in ****'s case, indicate that we are prepared
to stand our ground and make trouble.
 c) Get information and ideas into circulation.
 d) Keep the heat on whenever it can be done without direct
 e) Do not allow ourselves to be painted as bad Baha's.
 f) Give the powers-that-be a graceful way out of their problems.

They're starting to eat their horses inside the fortress; let's stay
safely in the trenches and not jump up and charge the cannons.  This means
that we need to keep doing what we are doing: no committees, manifestos,
or unnecessary martyrs.  In particular, now is the time to lay on earnest

And, ****, as for you, I do not want any more of these inflammatory
statements.  You have no independent clout yet apart from whatever your
family connections might be, and we will need you for the next
generation's fights.  There is no point in your getting thrown out now.

So lay off the manifesto-making and work on your Arabic verb tables, or I
will drop you from Talisman.  What is the 8th form feminine plural
imperative of Q-R-B?