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Subject: Re: Abuse of Robert Hayden by Bahais
Date: Sunday, May 07, 2000 9:28 AM wrote:

> Were Mr. Hayden alive today, who would he choose to edit his work? I
> think he would choose an individual who shares his love for
> Baha'u'llah, an individual who strives to be like 'Abdul-Baha', in
> addition to the normal professional qualifications.

As much as Fred pisses me off at times, like recently, when he says that
Hayden distanced himself from the current Baha'i organization, I believe
him. Why? Because Fred knew and worked with this man and probably had
access to a side of the man that you people who wish to claim (and
misappropriate) him for your own sectarian motivated ends simply do not.
That makes a difference. Having read a little Hayden myself (yes, Fred,
I bought your book!) and detecting a liberal and open-minded spirit in
him, I doubt very much he would have looked upon what is currently going
on inside the Baha'i organization with anything but disdain. He would
have been simply appalled, to say the least, as any other reasonable
thinking human being with a conscience would. All you people wish to do
with Hayden is to garner PR for yourselves. You care not one iota as to
what the man truly represented. Shame on you for misappropriating the
name of departed in such fashion!


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Subject: Farewell!
Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 3:30 AM


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Subject: Farewell!
Date: 1999/11/29
Newsgroups: alt.religion.bahai,talk.religion.bahai
Friends, Romans, former co-religionists!

It seems to me that my continued participation on this and other Baha'i
related internet forums in general is serving no purpose and causing
further grief to myself especially when facing the fact how a religion
as noble as that of Baha'u'llah's should have come to what we behold
before us today. But more so, to see the views being expressed by
certain of His adherents. When I resigned from the Baha'i faith in late
1996, I promised myself I would never again have anything more do with
the Baha'i Faith in any manner or form, and for the first year I stayed
true to my initial pledge until I was officially slandered in November
1997 by the offices of the Secretary-General of the US NSA to the
Australian NSA.
   Seeing that the Baha'i organization will indefinitely remain how it
is and that adherents will continue to defend the status quo without
realizing that the dark side of their administrative world does in fact
exist, I will cease my posting here. From time to time I might peek in
and look, but no more posts for the time being. I apologize to one and
all whom I have reprimanded, scolded or otherwise insulted over the past
months and wish you well in your lives, pursuits, hopes, goals and
dreams. May your paths be blessed and may the Almighty grant you some
measure of insight day by day! Farewell!

Nima Hazini (aka Berekiah)

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Subject: Re: Schautian fallacies (Re: Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Marshall Case)
Date: Friday, April 07, 2000 8:17 AM

Saman jan,

You said:

> Are we conflating habibi?!

How so, azizam?

> Baha'u'llah was not, as far as I see, predicting
> the demise of the "Trustees of God amongst men".

Albeit he predicted the demise of ecclesiastical orders en toto.

> If memory serves, Juan (could have been Linda Walbridge) argued on
> some years ago that the Universal House of Justice was in a way a
> marja'i taqlid/source of imitation - akin to the Shi'i practice.

And if you recall, myself, Juan and someone else (could've been Steve
Scholl) took exception to it and argued against it.

> What does the first paragraph of the Aqdas mean?

I wasn't aware the ao was the Manifestation, if that's what you're

> "Liberty must, in the end, lead to sedition, whose flames none can
> quench. . .

Do you know what the word Baha'u'llah uses for 'liberty' is in the
original Arabic, Saman? 'Hurriya'. Why don't you look up Lane or Wehr to
see the full definition and lexiographical meaning of what 'Hurriyya'
is. The full implication of the word entails moral license or
licentiousness, not liberty from political tyranny and the authoritarian
dictates of ecclesiastical bodies. Quite the contrary. In fact
Baha'u'llah bestows liberty from both of those within the same text
(i.e. the Aqdas) and the Iqan. This is why imo Juan's research into the
social and political language of Baha'u'llah is so valuably important,
and why the Baha'i powers-that-be see it as so dangerous.

> "We approve of liberty in certain circumstances, and refuse to
> it in others. . .
> These are the words of Baha'u'llah.

See my comments above.

> Does the government of Iran allow its citizens to consult with their
> local leaders regularly?

Believe it or not, yes it does, so long as you agree with the system.
Yet it still remains a totalitarian theocracy.

>  Does the IRI have fair and free elections?

No, but it stands to reason neither does the current Baha'i

> If the Baha'is have not matured that does not mean that there are
> fundamental flaws in the system.

There aren't fundamental flaws in the system as conceived
"theoretically," yet it is demonstrable that there are serious flaws in
its current application.

> There are two issues that get talked about and which some want to
> extrapolate to discredit the Baha'i system; the fact that women
> can not serve on the Universal House of Justice and the fact that
> the Baha'i Faith does not allow same-sex marriage - is there
> anything else?

To tell you the truth, I couldn't give a hoot about the 'homosexuals'
and same sex marriage issue and the Baha'i community. It never was an
issue for me then, and it's definitely not an issue for me now. Probably
has to do with the fact than I'm not a homosexual but a very straight
man. However, the fact that there are no theoretical justifications in
the writings of either Baha'u'llah and `Abdul-Baha for excluding women
from the UHJ bothers me. The Panopticon phenomenon, authoritarianism of
the ao, the anti-intellectualism, anti-democratic sentiments and
unthinking pro-theocratic mindset, the continual institutional abuse, ad
nauseum, bothered me then, as it continues to bother me now. And what
bothers me even more, is that after 150 years of persecution, death and
destruction, marg or mir, under the hands of obscurantist and
opportunistic Shi'ite clerics, this is what the Baha'i religion has come
to. It has fully embraced the Dark Side of the Force and become a mirror
image of Shi'ite ecclesiastical fascism. And to think, how much my
ancestors, family, relatives and myself gave of their lives, livelihood,
happiness and existence to and for this thing and the utopian hope of
the "jAme'-ye jami'-e kamAlAt-e insAni" - and all for nothing!!!! Nuff
to drive any sane person insane.

> What does the first paragraph of the Aqdas mean?

Definitely not that the UHJ is God or the Qotb of the universe as Kavian
Milani's idolatrous position is suggesting these days.

> Once in Qazvin, the Health Corps was trying to explain the benefits of
> hygiene.  The teacher gave the example of the cat who licks himself
> One
> Qazvini from the back of the room said:
> "AqA, aqle mA miresad, zabAne mA nemiresad!"

Actually, the version I heard went something like this: <bA lahjeyeh
shirin-e Qazvini>, AqA, aqlemAn miresad, faqat zabAnemAn be *kAnemAn*
nemiresad! ;)

> I'm afraid that your testing 'Aql -

Then maybe you should expand the horizons of your `Aql instead of taking
your ethnic-religious identity and its weltanschauung unthinkingly for
granted, as I did for so many years.

> maybe we just have to agree to
> disagree.

Indeed. Look, Saman jan, you and I have met and connected. I once even
considered you a friend and kindred spirit - as I'm sure you did with
me. Of course, these days I am considered "heretic" and "public enemy
number 1" by your leaders and peers, so it doesn't surprise nor shock me
that you consider me such as well. ce la vie! I can live with it. But
think about it, my old friend, think of what this thing has become...Put
aside your conservative Iranian Baha'i upbringing, and all the loyalties
wrapped around that, and look at the naked truth. This religion, or
rather organization, is hundreds of light years separated from what
Baha'u'llah envisioned and there is nothing anyone can say that will
make it such. But don't turn the discussion into some mubaaheleh with
me, because at bottom, I still believe in the same asl as you. It is the
far' which leaves much to be desired, or rather has nothing anymore to
do with the asl AFAIC.
  Hope you are doing well....


p.s. Btw, zan gerefti hanuz ya na? :-)

From: "Nima Hazini" <>
Subject: Defamation in Baha'i Publication
Date: Sunday, December 10, 2000 6:33 AM

To whom it may concern:

I note that in the recent December 2nd issue of the Australian Baha'i
Bulletin a seriously libellous and defamatory statement has been published
about me in a journal supervised by your body explicitly casting me as an
enemy of the Baha'i Faith and overtly calling for my being shunned, this
time publicly. Since this matter is overtly defamatory and libellous,
therefore injurious to my honour, integrity and reputation, it is a very
serious matter, especially given that the Australian Baha'i Bulletin is
circulated widely. I ask 1) that you clarify forthwith, immediately and in
writing with a detailed explanation who exactly those Baha'is are who have
expressed concern about my status as a non-Baha'i, and 2) why, for what
reason and end should this clarification be printed in the Australian Baha'i
Bulletin, and under what pretext, four years to the date after my withdrawal
in the United States and after I have disassociated myself from the Baha'i
community and its functions altogether. I ask that 3) you clarify forthwith,
immediately and in writing with a detailed explanation exactly what is meant
by the phrase "engaged in attacking the integrity of the Cause," since I
have at no time attacked the Central Baha'i Figures. I ask that 4) you
clarify forthwith, immediately and in writing with a detailed explanation
exactly why this was printed and highlighted on the second page of the
Australian Baha'i Bulletin directly below a statement by the Universal House
of Justice when such status clarifications are usually printed in the back
pages of said journal. I ask that 5) you clarify forthwith, immediately and
in writing with a detailed explanation exactly who was responsible for the
decision to print this statement and specifically whether it was an NSA
decision (by majority, quorum or otherwise), or whether by another party,
and whom exactly. Furthermore, what business is it of the Australian Baha'i
Bulletin to publically clarify the status of a non-Baha'i or of their
statements to begin with? Given the timing of the publication of this
statement in the Australian Baha'i Bulletin leaves room for seriously grave
suspicions as to its origin and possible motives - even collusion by third
parties not on the NSA and hence cronyism cannot be ruled out at this
stage - which would indeed then tend to raise serious questions about the
overall integrity of the institution of the National Spiritual Assembly of
the  Baha'is of Australia and individual members thereof. It is indeed
curious that this statement should come in the wake of a violent physical
assault against my person three months ago by a member of the LSA of the
Gold Coast - a member who is a wealthy donor  to the AO, and seemingly based
on his own statements has claimed he has the ear of one or two UHJ members
and a member of your own NSA. I believe that the publication of this
statement is nothing more than yet another
carefully crafted attempt by the AO at a cover-up of corruption and abuses
by its close patrons.

As such, should this matter not be addressed by your body and a written
apology and retraction not be forthcoming immediately in the next (January
2001) edition of the said journal forthwith, the National Spiritual Assembly
of the Baha'is of Australia will leave me no choice but to proceed with
initiating formal litigation proceedings against it for its continued
defamation against my person and its continued injury of my right to privacy
and freedom of association. Make no mistakes, all legal avenues at my
disposal will be persued and exhausted to the fullest extent of the law, and
since a public call for my shunning has been made, and such calls are
illegal under Australian law, this matter will be persued. Moreover, this
will be followed by full disclosures of all pertinent facts and
circumstances to the Australian national press as well as the International
press, including but not limited to United Press International, Reuters, the
Associated Press, 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Frontline, Radio Free Europe
and The Voice of America. Full disclosures of violations of the human and
civil rights of former members, including myself, will also be fully
disclosed and exposed to various civil liberties and human rights
organizations  such as the Australian Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty
International, Human Rights Watch and
the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and various Cult Watch
groups and organizations both in
Australia and abroad. Moreover, Australian Federal MPs as well as members of
the United States Congress, the British and European Parliaments and the
United Nations favourably inclined to the Baha'is will also be contacted and
a full disclosure given about the continual pattern of abuses against myself
and others by Baha'i authorities. Academics and various professional
Academic forums and associations in Australia, North America and Europe will
also be contacted
and full disclosures made, detailing this pattern of abuse. Surely, the
National Spiritual Assembly of Australia and the Baha'i community does not
wish to tarnish irreparably its good reputation in the world at large and be
relegated to the same playing field and compared publicly in the press and
public mind to cults such as Scientology and the Reverend Sung Yung Moon's
Unification Church in its treatment, harassment and public defamation of
former members for alleged thought-crimes.

I therefore ask you attend to this matter immediately and without delay. I
will be awaiting your reply. This message will be included (and possibly
expanded) in a longer missive to be sent by me to the NSA of Australia in
several days.

Sincerely yours,
Nima Hazini
Australian Baha'i Bulletin, Dec, Page 2.

"Status Clarification

A number of Baha'is have expressed  concern about statements being made by
Mr Nima Hazini, who  is presently  resident in Queensland. Their concern
arose from  their belief that he is a member of the Baha'i community. In
fact, Mr Hazini  wrote the  National Spiritual Assembly of the United States
on November 25, 1996, during the period he was residing in that country,
withdrawing from the Baha'i community. Unfortunately, Mr Hazini  has for
some time been engaged in attacking the integrity of the Cause. The friends
are therefore advised to leave him to himself."

Queensland Consolidated Acts

 Defamation Act 1889 - SECT 4

 Definition of "defamatory matter"

 4.(1) Any imputation concerning any person, or any member of the person's
family, whether living or dead, by which the reputation of that person is
likely to be injured, or by which the person is likely to be injured in the
person's profession or trade, or by which other persons are likely to be
induced to shun or avoid or ridicule or despise the person, is called
"defamatory", and the matter of the imputation is called "defamatory

 (2) An imputation may be expressed either directly or by insinuation or

                       SECT 5

 5.(1) Any person who, by spoken words or audible sounds, or by words
intended to be read either by sight or touch or by signs, signals, gestures,
or visible representations, publishes any defamatory imputation concerning
any person is said to defame that person.

Affidavit (modified, some names etc, have been taken out)

On the evening of September 4th, 2000, approximately 7:00pm, at the repeated
insistence of 9999999999999999, I went to their house for dinner at
XXXXXXXXXXXX. Attending were misters W, X,  Y, Z  and ladies A, B, C and the
two year old son of Z and B, R. The attendees were already half way through
dinner when I arrived. I sat down to the meal and ate until around

After dinner, approximately 7:30pm, a heated conversation ensued resulting
in an altercation between Mr. W, X and myself, as a result of which I was
attacked and assaulted by misters X, W, Z and Y. The events are the

After the meal, around the dinner table, small talk conversation ensued
mainly around the subject of what Y was doing with his life these days in
the United States. Y spoke about his life as a medical student, how he was
planning to be a pediatrician, and also revealed that he was an expert in
the martial arts of Brazilian Jujitsu and that he had even been California
state champion. The conversation next shifted to being single, and B
complimented Mr. Y stating how she thought he was "the perfect guy" but
asking why he was still single. Mr. W then interjected and the pejorative
term "Loser" was used about those who were single. Next Mr. W began
arrogantly boasting about his major accomplishments and how he had made
enormous contributions to society and the like. I then questioned the
premise of the claim presented by Mr. W, and as a matter of principle,
stated that I did not believe that building opulent, decadent and snobbish
projects such as the *********** Hotel and such constituted true service
to society by any stretch of the imagination, since true service to society
is by definition selfless, sincere, pure, unglamorous and seeking of wide
ranging positive results for the benefit of many, like Mother Teresa, unlike
the decadent opulence of such grandiose hotel resort projects open only to
the rich, wealthy and famous such as the *********.

Next, after I had bluntly stated my opinion, X angrily interjected and began
to loudly swear at me, exclaiming, "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, you piece
of shit, you fucking covenant breaker!" repeating this several times.
Clearly unnerved by Mr. X imprecations, I replied to the insult, replying
with "No Fuck you, Fuck you!!"

As I was being insulted like this for merely stating a frank opinion, and
unnerved beyond belief by such self-righteous arrogance as Mr. X was now
displaying, I got up from my chair to leave, and X also got up.  Next Mr. Y
jumped from his chair, tackled and pinned me in a body/headlock at which
point misters W and X  began hitting me from both directions - right and
left. At no time did Y make an attempt to stop the assaults by W and X.
Pinned in a tight bodylock by Y, Mr. Z next got up, and I told him to stay
out of it, while being manhandled in a body/headlock by mister Y and being
dragged around the dinner table. Next I was slammed into the wall and pinned
to it, and Mr. X and Y both repeatedly punched me in my shoulder, and Z
slapped me in the back of the head. Mr. X then slapped me in the face. While
pinned by Y to the wall, I brought my hands up as close to my face as
physically permissible at this point in order to protect it from punches
being thrown from all sides in my direction (a technique I learned in
boxing). Next  both W and X  hit me in turn in the side of the head, and
then Mr. Z slapped the side of my head again and said "you are jealous of X,
loser, you bloody covenant breaker!"  Mr. Y proceeded to drag me through the
room and into the lounge, W and X and Z following behind them. The women,
baby and my grandfather were all screaming hysterically to stop and telling
me to leave. I told Mr. Z to let me go so that I could take my things (i.e.
hat, mobile phone and car keys) and leave, but he would not let me go. I
repeated my request once again, still Mr. Z would not let go. Before
reaching the lounge corridor leading to the front door of the unit, Mr. Z
body and headlocked me in a strangle-hold, also locking his legs tightly
around mine, throwing himself and myself down upon the floor, breaking a
porcelain vase in the process. When we hit the ground, I began feeling
slight suffocation, and I almost passed out. At this point when I was thrown
onto the ground, my left elbow was cut, due to having just been smashed into
the vase, and I began to bleed from the left arm. While on the ground Mr. W
and X each in turn kicked me in the head, when we got up Mr. X hit me in the
side of the arm.  All this time I was being held tightly on the ground
unable to move. Then Mr. Z dragged up himself and I. Mr. X swung to hit me
in the head, but missed and his punch grazed my neck and shoulder on the
left hand side instead. The altercation resumed, and I kept asking for my
possessions so that I could leave. During this back and forth altercation,
Mr. X exclaimed, "You don't know who I am in this city, you motherfucker,
covenant breaker. You don't know who I know and what power I have, I am
going to destroy you and your father, I am going to destroy you, you
covenant breaker! I am the most powerful man in this city. You fucking
covenant breakers!" This was repeated twice. Then B ran up and made the
following slanderously libellous claim,

Finally, Mr. Y dragged me out of the unit and to the elevator, still in
headlock, followed in step by Mr. Z . I kept asking for my hat, mobile and
car keys, but they were not provided.

In the elevator, Mr. Y continued to hold me in a lock all the way down to
the ground floor and into the lobby. When we got to the ground floor, Ms. B,
Mr. W and  Mr. X arrived on in the following elevator. The altercation
resumed, Mr. Y again held me in a body-lock/head lock. Once again, Mr. W
stated, "You don't know who I am; I will destroy you!" Next Ms. B stepped in
and again reiterated the same libellous defamatory remark about my father,

She repeated this three times emphasing,

<libel snipped>

Next, still being held by Y, X stated "you are a piece of shit, you are
nothing, you're a loser, you motherfucking covenant breaker!" W then told Y
and Z to bring me outside and then went outside of the lobby of Westwater
apartments. He said, "you are nothing but a piece of shit, and even your
parents know it, covenant breaker." Z attempted to pull me and Rafat
outside, but Y did not move. As the manager of the complex came out to
see what the disturbance was all about, W then said to X and Z  "just call
the Police and charge him with assault." W then went and drove his Mercedes
to the front, made the following threat, stating, "as of tomorrow watch your
back!" He drove off. Then X repeated the same threat, "watch your back from

At this point, it should be noted that Mr. W has boasted numerous times in
my presence about the power and influence he wields on the Gold Coast more
than any other person in the city. He has claimed that he controls various
local city council members and politicians, the city mayor, judges,
solicitors, the police, several state politicians and lawmakers, the local
media, and federal MPs, suggesting that he has ties to organised crime and
that on the Gold Coast he is completely untouchable and that anyone who
crosses him will be physically and financially destroyed.

Altercations resumed, Y finally took me outside, still in bodylock, with Z
following, then X went inside the lobby. I told Z I wanted my things now,
and he said he'd already gotten it for me. I told him I had not received
them, besides how could I since I was being held in a lock by Y. He went
back up to the 13th floor to retrieve them. Z came back with my things, a
sharp exchange of words and mutual swearing in Persian ensued, and Z let me

 Y left and went back up.  Traumatized, I got in my car and left.

 I went straight to the XXXXX Police station and filed a complaint with
Constable VVVVV (AAAAA). He took my complaint and I emphasized the gravity
of the matter, since I had just been given a death threat, and he saw how my
left arm was bruised and my elbow was bleeding all over the counter. While
the complaint was being taken my mother phoned twice on my mobile phone. I
told her I'd come straight over after I'd finished in the XXXXX Police

 After I finished at the XXXXXX Police Station, I drove straight to my
parents house at XXXXXX. I told my mother and sister what had happened, and
they were shocked, so my mother called my grandparent's house right away.
Mr. Z picked up the phone, my mother was shaken and angry, and demanded to
speak to one of her parents at once. Mr. Z refused and stated that it was
all mutual, and that neither of my grandparents could come to the phone at
this time. The conversation ended.

 My mother and I next went to the YYYYYYY Paradise Police station and there
spoke to Constable OOOOO (OOOOO) and told him that I wished to file a
restraining order. He told me that, although he could not currently locate
the original complaint on his computer file, the original complaint filed in
XXXXX would suffice, and that in any case no such thing as a restraining
order exists in Queensland. I told him that I feared for my life, since Mr.
W and X had both made a direct death threat, and W at least has suggested he
has connections to organised crime and in any case he would have the means
(financial and otherwise) to carry out his threat. Constable OOOOO said that
what he could do for now was to "flag my address and telephone number" so
that if any emergency or situation should occur, and I where to call 000,
the process of obtaining Police help could more speedily be expedited. My
mother and I left and drove back home.

We arrived back home, and my father and my sister were there. I stayed for
half an hour and then drove back to my apartment to get some rest.

That whole night I could not sleep, given the trauma and assault I had just
experienced and the death threat issued by W and reiterated by X. My left
elbow bled and hurt the whole night through, I felt pain and discomfort in
my neck, head and shoulders.

The next morning (5th) I went and saw Dr. HHHHHH at *******, and he examined
me. I showed my bruised left arm and the scar on my left elbow which had
continued to bleed until the morning. My neck and shoulders still ached
painfully, especially on the right hand side. After examination, the nurse
treated my bleeding elbow, bandaged it and told me to come back in three
days, but if bleeding or any other problem continues to come back
immediately. The rest of the day I had trouble concentrating, and the night
of the 5th, I again had trouble sleeping and the stress level was the
highest I have ever experienced. I then went to the Southport magistrates
court registry and obtained and then filed a Peace and Good Behavior (Act
1982 [s.4]) against both misters W and X. The copies of the forms were given
to the OOOOOO Police station to serve.

A.R.B.N. 009 727 128 (Incorporated in the A.C.T.) (Liability of members


Phone: (02) 99113 2771
Fax: (02) 9970 7275

4 November 1997

The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the Gold Coast
PO Box 833
Southport 4215

Dear Baha'i Friends,


The National Spiritual Assembly of Australia has been informed by the
National Spiritual Assembly of the United States that Mr. Nima Hazini
occasionally spends time in Australia visiting parents and often associates
with the Baha'i youth here. As Mr. Hazini's parents are members of your
community we are sharing the following information (which has been provided
by the National Assembly of the United States) with your Assembly:

".It is important for you to know that Mr. Hazini withdrew his Baha'i
membership in December 1996 after expressing his strong dissatisfaction with
the Baha'i community and our National Spiritual Assembly. Shortly after his
withdrawal was accepted, Mr. Hazini wrote to the National Spiritual Assembly
stating that he had not withdrawn from the Baha'i Faith but had withdrawn
only from the Baha'i community. He provided a copy of his letter to the
Universal House of Justice.When Mr. Hazini received a copy of the Universal
House of Justice's letter, he chose not to pursue reinstatement of his Baha'
i membership. The last information that we had about him was that he had
decided to become a follower of Sufism."

At one stage Mr. Hazini was transferred to the United States as a Baha'i in
good standing. However, in light of the information given by the National
Spiritual Assembly of the United States we have made the necessary changes
in our records about his status.

Your Spiritual Assembly is advised to be alert to Mr. Nima Hazini's
activities in your area, when he comes to Australia to visit his parents,
especially his association with the Baha'i youth..

Thanking you for your cooperation and with loving Baha'i greetings.

Gul Williams
for the Secretariat

Reg. Office:
Baha'i National Centre
173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW