The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


I provide the "headlines" below for newcomers and Bahais on
talk.religion.bahai and alt.religion.bahai. Otherwise, other than
my periodic reposts to preserve the historical record, I expect to be
posting less frequently, having learnt during the last years,
since fall 1996, what I needed to know about my fellow Bahais
and the uhj....

I am content to have played a central role in the propagation or
creation of alt.religion.bahai and talk.religion.bahai, forums where
others of all points of view and persuasions may now speak freely
about the Bahai faith.

Should anything be posted that might be especially suitable for
my website, I'd appreciate someone emailing a copy to with "Bahai" in the subject line.

Unlikely as it may be, should the uhj come to its senses and
abolish "review," I'd appreciate someone informing me to
that effect....

In the meantime, I must return to my literary interests, prepared
for, and now accepting, a more arduous psychomachia....

Others will have to step forward....

Patrick Henry.... The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience:

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For the full text of the messages above, see

Professor Juan Cole, of the University of Michigan,
discusses related issues in his journal article "The
Baha'i Faith in America as Panopticon, 1963-1997,"
which surveys the many, many incidents of censorship
and oppression that have taken place in the Bahai faith
during the last decade or more:

Also see:

Juan Cole, "Commentary" on UHJ's "outburst of vehement ignorance"

Letter of Resignation from Paul Dodenhoff, Assistant to the Auxiliary


I believe it is the counter on my website, registering over 17,000
hits as of early May 2000, that inspires the desperate, futile efforts of my
fellow Bahais to silence and discredit me, as well as their fanatical
attempts to suppress any possible knowledge of the truth documented there.

In February 2000, I filed a police report regarding a variety of items
and placed a trace on my telephone line. Other actions have been

While my fellow Bahais continue to attack, harass, malign,
and slander me on talk.religion.bahai, alt.religion.bahai, AOL, and
elsewhere, falsely accusing me of "spamming," of misrepresenting the
intrigues of the "universal" house of "justice" to silence and
ostracize people, of being mentally unstable and so on, it has been
widely observed by other Bahais and non-Bahais that Bahai
fundamentalists routinely refuse all discussion of the facts and
EVIDENCE of the oppression and tyranny committed by the uhj.

Those interested in impartially judging my sanity and background
for themselves may find my bio helpful:

The non-Bahai observer might want to give careful consideration
to the probability that the ujh itself supported and encouraged this
person in his continual harassment of me since I notified them of
his actions on January 30, 2000, receiving back confirmation of
their receipt of my message, while he continued hounding me for
weeks. The three-plus year record of Bahai tyranny, on my website, documents
that fundamentalist Bahais have gone from one
attempt to another in the hope of silencing me and many, many

On January 30, 2000, I wrote to the uhj:
A Bahai continues to harass me despite my polite
requests that he cease emailing me his insults and
threats. I hold the uhj directly responsible for the actions
of this and other Bahai fanatics. The uhj routinely inspires
this type of fundamentalism in my fellow Bahais and then
uses them to suppress and control others.

I shall be sending a copy of this message to the uhj along
with the individual's name and email address.

As a member of the Bahai faith since 1976, I have every
right to express my conscience and beliefs as both Baha'u'llah
and Abdul-Baha guaranteed their followers....

Patrick Henry.... "Give me liberty or give me death!"
The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience:

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Subject: RE: Bahai>>> Continuing Harassment

Dear Friend,

This is an automated acknowledgement.

Your message has been received at the Bahá'í World Centre.

Electronic Communications Operation,
Bahá'í World Centre

When I asked him to desist, he spammed my account with
a dozen copies of this message:
>I will post you and I will stand behind everything I wrote.............

One of his earlier messages was:
> You have truly mastered the high-tech form of rhetorical masturbation.
>You continue to post the things which seem to excite you the most to people
>who don't really care what you are posting. It is a shame that you feel
>that this has become such a deep seated motivation for so much of your
time.I have heard all the drivel you are posting, before, and it has always
>from individuals who have had their hand slapped for one reason or another.
>Get over it. The Baha'i Faith is divine and nothing you can say(mostly
>imagination) can ever effect it in the least. You will never have the
>opportunity to understand the significance of the UHJ or its members in
>your lifetime. Jealousy takes all forms. Why not stick to an area of your
>expertise and get out of this one? No one here cares anymore about you or
>your fantasies.

"Mark Elderkin" <> wrote in message
> > It was a common stratagem of the Soviets and
> > their academic puppets in the West to smear
> > the characters and reputations of people who
> > had the courage and honesty to confront the reality
> > of the use of terror and tyranny by Stalin and his
> > ilk.
> >
> > Comparably speaking, it will require a great effort on
> > the part of those interested in the truth about the
> > current Bahai uhj if they are not to be misled by my
> > fellow Bahais and their deceptions on talk.religion.bahai
> > and elsewhere.
> It is nice to see that Fred can actually write a real posting here. Now
if we can get Fred to quit cross-posting to people who don't want to here
or see of him. I have an idea. I think Fred needs to quit hiding behind his
> usual spam postings of Patrick Henry. So ..... here goes...... 'give me
> liberty or,
> give Fred a call:
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXX
> and as you can see, I have cross-posted this to all of Fred Preselected
> news-servers. Let your fingers do the walking.
> Mark

"Mark Elderkin" <> wrote in message
> Pat and all others concerned,
> I probably misstepped the guidelines by posting Freddys Facts ........
> but I think it will give Fred a chance to realize that he is not-so
> anonomous anymore and might wish to quit cross-posting. I understand that
> there are a lot of crazys out there that might not like the things he
> regularly posts and now he can't hide behind his mothers dress. I have
> posted my own phone number before and will always make myself available
> anyones input. Thanks.
> Always Remember... Let your fingers do the walking.
> Mark