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Given the Bahai threats of lawsuits against me during the spring
and early summer of 1999 let me say I have never committed slander
against any individual, Bahai or otherwise, nor against any Bahai
institution. If anyone has been slandered on talk.religion.bahai, it is
I by the constant character assassination Bahais have marshalled
against me since the fall of 1996.

I'd be happy to appear in court and present an American judge
and jury with the evidence of Bahai lies, deceit, censorship, and
tyranny over the last decade. I highly doubt any legitimately
established jury would look favorably on what Bahai fundamentalists
have done to the Walbridges, Juan Cole, Michael McKenny, Stephen
Scholl, and many, many other, indeed, TENS of THOUSANDS, of
American ex-Bahais....

I'd be happy to appear in an American court and present the judge
and jury with the many passages from the Bahai Writings in which
the Figures speak favorably of free speech and conscience, such as
the following:

"These are effectual and sufficient proofs that the conscience
of man is sacred and to be respected; and that liberty thereof
produces widening of ideas, amendment of morals, improvement
of conduct, disclosure of the secrets of the contingent world.
Moreover, if interrogation of conscience, which is one of the
private possessions of the heart and the soul, take place in this
world, what further recompense remains for man in the court of
divine justice at the day of general resurrection? Convictions and
ideas are within the scope of the comprehension of the King of kings,
not of kings; and soul and conscience are between the fingers of
control of the Lord of hearts, not of [His] servants."
Abdul-Baha, A Traveler's Narrative, 91.

Only one of the nine tyrants on Mt. Carmel could distort such
passages to mean the kinds of things they have had the gall to foist
on American Bahais in their statement this April, which Professor
Juan Cole has candidly and accurately referred to as an "outburst
of vehement ignorance."

Bahais falsely accuse me of slander. Far from slandering the UHJ,
I have stood up to Bahai fundamentalists and honestly
spoken my conscience. They are free to call that "slander." I doubt
any judge or jury in the West would call it such, especially after
reading the EVIDENCE and reflecting on the enormous discrepancy
between the sycophantic treatment leaders in government, the UN,
and the media regularly receive from Bahais who are always interested in
attempting to exploit their positions of power for one reason or
another and the reality of abuse of the most basic human rights now
well documented on Professor Juan Cole's website and on mine.

I trust the American legal system to protect me from such organizations
and fundamentalist reprobates.

The objective observer will note the Bahai tactic of resorting to
threats and intimidation instead of engaging in discussion of the actual
incidents of censorship and oppression, extensively noted in
"The Baha'i Technique."

Such tactics remind me of a comment by Dr. Martin Luther King in his
Letter from Birmingham Jail:

"You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your
statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the
conditions that brought about the demonstrations."

Fundamentalist Bahais typify this same mentality. They rail and threaten
me, and others who dare speak their minds, but express no concern
whatsoever for the underlying conditions of censorship and oppression
that have led to distrust and contempt for the UHJ and its fascist
distortion of Baha'u'llah's Teachings.

Everything I have said is a matter of religious conscience
protected under the US Constitution. My Bahai membership
card proves it, and a scanned copy of it may be found on my
website. I would be happy to present the original to any judge
or jury in the land.

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against
every form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson

Patrick Henry
"Give me liberty or give me death."
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Saman Ahmadi <> wrote in message
> I have stated that I may sue you - that is singular. I am not aware
> anyone else's attempt. BTW, my suing you is not a threat - a threat
> is I will do this if you do that. You have already crossed that line.
> I
> said I would first take it up with Dejanews - Roger pointed out that
> you were not using Dejanews to post your articles so I suppose it
> is bigfoot at first.
> Now, if it gets to the point that I decide to sue you, I will offer
> anyone
> who wishes to join in a class-action suit, if that is legally
> My feet are firmly on the ground - I am not joking or mincing words.
> Saman Ahmadi
> Patrick Henry wrote:
> > Given the recurrent Bahai threats of lawsuits against me,
> > let me say I have never committed slander.
> P.S. Ever heard of the Furman tapes?