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95 Theses - On Bahai Liberty
The Reform Bahai Faith


The Bahá'í World Faith -
A view of the Bahá'í Faith by "Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance", a group that provides perspectives of major religious groups for the purpose of promoting religious tolerance.
  Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience -
A collection of viewpoints critical of the Bahá'í Faith and the Universal House of Justice, calling for greater freedom of conscience within the Faith, as collected by FG.
  The Religion of Baha'i -'i.html
A critique of the Baha'i Faith from a Christian perspective; its origins, major beliefs, contrasts between Christianity and Baha'i, its organization and goals, and suggested weaknesses of the Baha'i system of belief. By Lou Whitworth.
  The Baha'i Faith -
New Religious Movements' profile of the Baha'i Faith, links with abstracts, and a print bibliography. Includes references to bogus Baha'i groups.
  Where's the Troops? -
A critique of the Baha'i Faith in the United States, by Darrick Evenson, from a Mormon perspective, offering an introduction to the Universal Integrated Baha'i Message (U.I.B.M.).
  Unenrolled Baha'i - Yahoo Discussion Group -
An online support group for persons who identify with some of the Teachings of Baha'u'llah while not being enrolled with the Baha'i Administration. Members only Yahoo group.
  The Baha'i Faith -
A critique of the Baha'i Administration and its treatment of Baha'i liberals, from person who has resigned his Baha'i membership, but claims to practice Baha'i privately.
  Enemies Within: Conflict and Control in the Baha'i Community -
Cultic Studies Journal article about the internal stresses in the Baha'i community, and the Baha'i administration's attempts to supress free expression among adherents.
  The Baha'i Faith: An Introduction for Evangelical Christians -
A viewpoint on the Baha'i Faith written to address issues of interest to Christians. WARNING: This site displays unauthorised photographic representations of Baha'u'llah which may offend Baha'is.


  Stonehaven Press -
Publishers of pamphlets on Baháí themes, including the relationship to Christianity, the Bible, spirituality and modern science.
  Islam and the Baha'i Faith -
A brief study of the relationship between the two Faiths, from a Baha'i point of view.
  Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith -
Explores the relationship between Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith and offers an explanation of the Baha'i Faith to people of Hindu background.
  Religious Apologetics -
Interpretations of the connections between the Bahai faith and other religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism through Baha'i Writings. Discussions downloadable as word documents.
  Kingdom Project -
An initiative of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháís of the United States. Information, resources, subscription form for electronic newsletter.
  The Baha'is:Christians of the Second Advent -
Why do Baha'is believe that Christ has already returned? What do they believe about the rapture, the mark of the beast (666), and about Jesus?
  In Praise of God from the worlds religions. -
Meditations on God from the religions of the world.
  Baha'i Christian Dialogue -
The aim of the site is a cordial and productive dialogue between Bahá'ís and Christians.
  The Baha'i Faith; an Introduction for Mormons (& Latter Day Saints) -
Some believe that Joseph Smith prophesied the coming of the Founder of The Baha'i Faith. You are invited to take 15 or 20 minutes to read this article, and see for yourself.
  Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith -
A study of Hinduism and the Bahai Faith by Prof. Anil Sarwal. Downloadable book Miracles in Religion and some poems included.
  The Baha'i Faith: The 7th Revelation of Islam -
An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith for Muslims.
  Do Mormon Temples Testify of Baha'u'llah? -
How the Mormon Endowmen Ceremony prepares Latter-day Saints for the coming of Baha'u'llah: the Son of Man and Founder of the Baha'i Faith.


Ocean - Bahá'í Virtual Library -
Virtual library of religious literature, including Scripture from the World's major religions. Includes ordering information for alternative CD-ROM version.
  Online book - Near-Death-Experience & the Baha'i Faith -
Cyber edition of "Light After Death". Explores the Baha'i teachings on the afterlife as they may relate to the 'Near Death Experience'.
  Baha'i Prayers -
Prayers of Baha'u'llah, Abdul-Baha and The Bab, accompanied by photographs from nature, may be found in this quiet place of devotion.
  International Bahá'í Library -
The International Bahá'í Library, Haifa, Israel, is the largest repository of published items by and about the Bábí and Bahá'í religions and community.
  Baha'i by Subject -
Thousands of Subjects plus on-line Bahá'í Books with Word & Phrase Search


Association for Baha'i Studies (English-Speaking Europe) -
An Association dedicated studying Baha'i Scripture and correlating Bahá'í principles with the current needs of society. General information, online publications, proceedings membership, calendar of events, contacts.
  Association for Bahá'í Studies - North America -
Mission and goals, book orders, conference details, membership, and contacts.
  Association for Bahá'í Studies in Persian -
A centre for Bahá'í Studies administered by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Canada. In English and Persian language. News, activities, newsletter, illustrated list of available publications, and online order form. -
Directory listing of links to worldwide Associations for Bahá'í Studies.
  Bahá'í Association - University of Louisville -
Students Association on the campus of the University of Louisville which seeks to apply the principles of the Bahá'í Faith to world issues. Calendar of Events, contacts.
  Association for Bahá'í Studies - Japan -
List of publications, and links.
  Association For Bahá'í Studies in Southern Africa -
Activities, purposes, documents, membership, contacts.
  Association for Bahá'í Studies - Australia -
Promotes the study of the history, teachings and philosophy of the Bahá'í Faith, and the application of Bahá'í principles to the concerns of society.
  Association For Bahá'í Studies - Canada -
Purposes, activities, and membership information.
  Bahá'í Studies Review -
Journal of the Association for Bahá'í Studies (English-speaking Europe).


  The Baha'i World -
The official presence of the Baha'i Faith on the Web. Comprehensive body of authentic material presented by the Baha'i International Community. Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and some others.
  One Country -
The online newsletter of the Baha'i International Community.
  Baha'i International Community World News -
Official Bahá'í International Community World News, Baha'i glossary.
  Baha'i International Community United Nations Statements -
Statements of the Baha'i International Community from 1947 to the present day including those presented to the United Nations.
  Mottahedeh Development Services -
A Social and Economic Development Agency of the Baha'i Faith, promoting unity in diversity, community service, responsibility, universal education and prosperity.
  Uplifting Words -
Mailing list for quotes from the Baha'i Writings via e-mail. Feedback page and links.
  Bahá'í Faith Pages from Skye -
A Scottish site hosting the Association for Bahá'í Studies (English-Speaking Europe), the Writings in Gaelic, children's magazine Dayspring, and UK links.
  Special Ideas, source for Baha'i materials -
Online shop for Bahai teaching and personal items including books, jewelry, t-shirts, literature, stickers and other itmes.
  Sina's Baha'i page -
An individual Baha'is personal page
  Pilgrimage 159 BE -
A selection of writings illustrated with pictures of a pilgrimage to the Bahá'í Holy places in Israel.
  Living Waters -
A personal site by a Baha'i youth for the promotion of Baha'i inspiration and understanding, with essays, poetry, Writings.
  Baha'i Journal UK -
On-line edition of the Journal of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United Kingdom. Current edition and archives of prior publications.
  Welcome to Sarwals' Home -
Anil Sarwal shares his Baha'i experiences and his thoughts on social issues, travel, education, language, and Hinduism. His book 'Miracles in Religion' is included.
  Bahai-Deepening -
Hosts a deepening for every Saturday for Bahá'ís and non-Bahá'í, on Bahá'í topics, 4:00pm GMT on EFnet, IRC. The site has archives of past deepenings and the schedule of upcoming topics.
  Naveed Foundation -
A non-profit organisation which assists social and economic development projects consistent with the teachings of the Baha'i Faith. Projects, media announcements, spiritual axis feature, contacts and links.
  Baha'i Marriage -
Information on the Baha'i concept of marriage.


  Bahá'í Computer & Communication Association -
Internet services for Baha'i organisations, mailing lists, discussion groups and directories of communities, information and references.
  The Bahá'í Faith -
A directory of Baha'i sites.
  Baha'i Faith Index -
Search engine and portal with 3,000 links, a discussion area, and chat area.
  Bahá'í Communities -
Directory of sites for localities and organizations throughout the world, arranged by countries or regions.
  The Bahá'í Page at Ibiblio -
Compilation of links related to the Bahá'í Faith.
  Baha'i Academics Resource Library -
A collection of texts and resources on Baha'i topics, accumulated by academics, for academics.
  Baha'i Youth Workshops -
A directory of Baha'i Youth Workshops throughout the world. Includes a bulletin board.
  Famous Baha'is -
List of famous Baha'is: includes famous poets, musicians, actors, authors, and leaders.
  World Religions -
Listing of information on various religions, and some biographical information from the webmaster.
  Baha'i Web Ring -
An index of participating Baha'i sites around the world, with facility for sequential or random linking.
  Indian Baha'i Community -
Official web presence of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of India. General information, literature, social and economic development projects, contacts and links.
  Baha'is of Chandigarh -
Chandigarh, Union Territory, India. News, services, contacts and general information.
  Baha'i Faith in Guyana -
General information about the Faith in Guyana, contacts. Statements of the international Baha'i Community. -
A partial listing of Bahá'í Communities represented on the internet
  Asia-Pacific Baha'i Link Page -
Geographically organised listing of Baha'i Communities, institutions and agencies in the Asia-Pacific region.
  The Bahá'í Faith in South Africa -
The official website of the Bahá'í Faith in South Africa
  The Baha'i Community of Zurich -
Zurich, Switzerland. Community vision, activities, invitation to the public, contacts and links. In English and German.
  Baha'i Switzerland -
Swiss Baha'i community, introduction, events, statements on world events, contacts and links.
  Baha'i Community of Lithuania -
General information, contacts.
  Baha'is in Singapore -
Official Website of the Baha'is of Singapore.
  Baha'i Youth Group Singapore -
List of birthdays of members, and calendar with events and Holy Days marked. Gregorian New Year 2001 photo archive.
  Baha'is of Guyana website -
Website of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Guyana, South America. Brief history of the Baha'i Faith in Guyana included.
  Baha'i Puerto Rico -
Official web presence for the Puerto Rico Baha'i Community. General information and contacts.
  Baha'i Community of Singapore -
Community news, history, personal profiles, links and contacts.
Baha'is of Victoria, Australia -
Baha'is of Victoria Australia, news, events ,articles on spiritual issues, Art Gallery, Bahai Books & Writings, a spiritually vibrant community
  Australian Baha'i Community -
National website of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Australia, Sydney, Australia.
  Bahá'ís of Western Australia -
The official website of the Bahá'ís of Western Australia.
  Baha'i Community of Melville -
Official website of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Melville, Western Australia. List of activities, news, contacts and links with downloadable information flyers.
  Baha'is in Melbourne Metropolitan Municipalities -
Map with hotspot links to Community Contact information
  Darwin Baha'i Community -
Website of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Darwin Inc.
  The Bahá'í Faith in Hawkesbury, NSW Australia -
Hawksbury is one hours travel North West of Sydney. General information on the Baha'i Community of Hawksbury
  Baha'i Community of Toowoomba -
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


Windsor Bahá'í Community -
Contacts and public activities for the Windsor and surrounding areas' Bahá'í communities. Links to Bahá'í resources.
  Baha'i Community of Canada/Communauté baha'ie canadienne -
The official web site of the Bahá'í Community of Canada. /Le site officiel de la communauté bahá'íe canadienne.
  The Bahá'í Faith Forum -
Baha'i communities in the national capital area, including Ottawa, Nepean, Vanier, Clarence Creek, Kanata, Gloucester, Manotick, Osgoode, Cumberland, Stittsville, Aylmer, Gatineau, Hull, Chelsea and LaPeche. Local activities, contacts, and general information about the Bahá'í World Faith.
  The Bahá'í Faith in Newfoundland and Labrador -
Ongoing activities and recent events, local community contacts, the history of the Faith in the province, and links to Bahá'í resources.
  The Baha'i Community of Lambton Shores -
Ontario, Canada. Corporate vision, invitation to the public, community information and email contact.
  Baha'i Community of Stirling-Rawdon -
Community information, news and contacts. Maintained by the Spiritual Assembly of Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario, Canada.
  Bahá'ís of Lower Fraser Valley -
Information on and for Baha'i Communities in this region of British Columbia Canada. Calendar of Events, Bookshop, contact information.
  The Baha'i Community of Langley -
Includes information on Baha'i Children's classes, Community Events and Activities, and Vision TV program information.
  The West Vancouver Bahá'í Community -
Introductory information about the Bahá'í World Faith. Local content includes community activities calendar, group photographs, registration form for children's classes and a list of Bahá'í-related resources to be found in the West Vancouver Memorial Library.
  Yukon Baha'i Resources -
Whitehorse Yukon Bahai community. Local activities, news, links and contacts.
  Cowichan Valley Baha'i Community -
Shawnigan Lake Baha'i Community in British Columbia, Cananda. Community events, general information and contacts.
  The Bahá'í Community of Wood Buffalo -
Community newsletter for the Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray, Alberta Bahá'í Community, with links to introductory information and local community members' home pages.

  Baha'i Community of New Zealand -
Official Website of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Zealand
  Lower Hutt Bahai Community -
The Baha'i Community of Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Contact information, archival events calendar and international news items


National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom -
General information, UK community websites, administrative and guidance information for UK Bahá'ís, discussion papers, and directions for finding the resting place of Shoghi Effendi.
  Baha'is of the Isle of Man -
Contact information, a questionnaire, and introductory information on Bahá'í.
  Skye and Lochalsh Bahá'í Community -
A portrait of a small island Bahá'í community. The site also contains a selection of articles from "Dayspring", the UK's children's Bahá'í magazine, a selection of material from the publications of the Association for Bahá'í Studies (English Speaking Europe), Bahá'í Writings in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, and other material.
  Index to Bahá'í Sites in the United Kingdom -
A regularly updated set of URLs and email addresses for local community sites in England. Also links to sites in the remainder of the UK.
  The Scottish Bahá'í -
Newsletter of the Scottish Baha'i Community. Current and back issues for reading online.
  UK Bahá'í Contacts -
A guide to what's on in the UK for Bahá'ís and for those wishing to learn more about the Faith or meet with Bahá'ís in their area.
  Bahá'í Council for Scotland -
"Communicating with Bahá'ís in Scotland and beyond." Features regular events, news, information about the Maxwell Bahá'í Community Sunday School, the Scottish Baháí Youth Task Force, a chat forum, and a guest book.
  Travel Teaching Service -
Facilitates travel teaching and pioneering within England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Information for Communities, travel teachers, and pioneers.
  Monmouthshire Bahá'í Community, Wales -
Welcome to Baha'is of Monmouthshire
  Coleraine Baha'i Community, Northern Ireland -
"We are working for a World Civilization!" Includes texts on "Becoming a Bahá'í", "Bahá'í Life".
  Office of Public Information -
Information and resources for the Bahá'í community, from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom.
  Bahá'í Council for Wales -
The Bahá'í Council for Wales. Includes Bahá'u'lláh's "The Hidden Words" in Welsh translation.
  Derry Bahá'ís, Northern Ireland -
Baha'i Community of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Includes a brief introduction to the local community.
  Isle of Wight Baha'i Community -
Information about the Baha'i Community in the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, and general information on the Faith.
  The Baha'is of Preston -
Preston, Lancashire, England. Community and municipal information, general information and links.
  The Baha'i Faith In Manchester -
Community events and contact details for the Baha'i Community of Manchester including some history of the Faith, and links.
  Carlisle Baha'i Group -
Brief information on the Baha'i Community of Carlisle, England, and links to neighbouring communities. Links to general information on the Baha'i Faith.
  Nottingham Baha'is -
Baha'i Community of Nottingham, England. Three Projects currently running, Rhui Study Circles, Lenton Project and The Community School.
  Havering Baháís, London -
Welcome to the Baháís of Havering website
  Bahá'í Council for England -
This is the official WebSite of the Baha'i Council for England. The Baha'i Faith is an independent worldwide religion with 6 million adherents who believe in the oneness of God and the oneness of humankind.
  Southwark Baha'is -
Community events, Baha'i Teachings, general information, contacts links.
  Carmarthen Baha'i Community -
Carmarthenshire, Wales, Bahá'í Community home page. The site includes community information as well as a list of current activities.
  Magherafelt Baha'i Community, Northern Ireland -
Magherafelt Baha'i Community Homepage, which includes biographical details about Bahá'u'lláh, Founder of the Bahá'í Faith, as well as information on the Northern Ireland Bahá'í Choir.
  Shetland, Scotland, Baha'i Community -
The northernmost island group of the UK. Includes an introduction to the Bahá'í Faith, a history of the local community, the local calendar of events, and a picture gallery.
  Thanet Bahá'í Community -
Welcome to the Homepage of the Thanet Bahai Community in Kent
  Dunfermline Bahá'ís, Scotland -
Site includes a brief introduction to the Bahá'í Faith as well as listing 'Abdu'l-Bahá's "Seven Candles of Unity" and short notes about Andrew Carnegie and Elizabeth Whyte, the first Scottish Bahá'í.
  Edinburgh Baha'i Community -
The Bahá'í Community of Edinburgh, the first Bahá'í community in Scotland.
  Warwick Bahá'í Community -
Information on the Warwick Baha'i community, and Warwick in general. Also has links to the Warwick Bahá'í Bookshop.
  Belfast Bahá'í Community, Northern Ireland -
Information about the community's membership, contact details, and some of the basic principles from Bahá'u'llah's teachings.
  Rugby Baha'is -
Home pages of the Bahá'í community in Rugby, England.
  Oxford Bahá'í Community -
Information about local Bahá'ís past and present, about Oxford, and about the Bahá'í Faith itself, in the UK and across the world.
  Cookstown Baha'i Community, Northern Ireland -
homepage of Cookstown Baha'i Community
  Nuneaton and Bedworth Bahá'ís -
Bahá'ís of Nuneaton and Bedworth.
  Dacorum Baha'i Community -
For Baha'is of Dacorum, Hertfordshire, England. Community information, shire map, events, contacts.
  Gedling Community Web page -
The Gedling Baha'i Community is situated in the Gedling district on the edge of Nottingham in the East Midlands of England.
  Brent Bahá'í Community -
Home page of the Bahá'í Community of Brent, London
  Haringey Bahá'í Community -
Homepage of Haringey Bahá'í Community
  Norwich Baha'i Community -
History of the Baha'is in Norwich, and general information about the Baha'i Faith.
  Huntingdonshire Baháí Community -
Welcome to the Huntingdonshire Baháí Community
  Conwy Bahá'í Community, Wales -
Conwy Baha'i Community Website an exploration of the Baha'i Faith in general and the Conwy Community in particular.
  Ipswich Bahá'í Community -
The home page of the Bahá'í Community in Ipswich.
  Bahá'í Community of Wycombe -
Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Bahá'ís. Community information, calendar of events, contacts and links.
  Bracknell Bahá'ís -
Community Website with selected Prayers and Writings, Principles of the faith, Calendars of Events, Pictures of Bracknell, Bahá'í Gallery, Daily Readings, Meditations, Games, and Links.
  Wandsworth Bahá'í Community -
The Bahá'ís of Wandsworth, London.
  Havant Bahá'ís, Hampshire, England -
The Baha'i Faith in Havant, Hampshire.
  Bristol Bahá'ís -
Home page of the Bahá'í community in Bristol, England.
  Cambridge Baha'i Community Web Page -
Includes community information and calendar of events.


  The Baha'i Faith -
This is the Official WebSite of the Baha'is of the United States of America. General information, news, current affairs, contacts and links to the International Baha'i Community.
  Washington D.C. Bahá'í Community -
Explanation of the faith, statement of race unity, calendar of events, directions to the center.
  The Bahá'í Faith in Southern Arizona -
Baha'i regional information. Upcoming events for Tucson area (plus Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz Counties), directions to the Tucson Bahá'í Information Center, Feast schedule, and contact information.
  Bahá'ís of Philadelphia -
Events and activities in the greater Philadelphia region.
  The Baha'is of North Kona -
Activities calendar, contact information for the Baha'i Community of North Kona, Hawaii. Also introductory information on the Faith, and prayers in local language and English.
  The Bahá'ís of Metro Detroit -
An explanation of the Faith, meeting schedule, and local community information. Features the pilgrim's notes of Hand of the Cause Louis G. Gregory, in text and PDF formats.
  The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Lawrenceville -
Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Community calendar of events, general information and contacts.
  Marianas Bahá'í Community -
A Web site sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the Mariana Islands.
  Austin Baha'i Community -
Baha'i community of Austin, Texas, USA. Includes a brief introduction to the Baha'i Faith, history of the community, calendar of events, reference materials, community directory, and electronic postcards.
  Bahá'ís of Miami -
Baha'i Communities of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Community Calendar, contact information for Baha'i Communities in the Miami area.
  Florida Bahá'í Net Directory -
Links to internet presence for Florida Baha'i Communities, and other information on the Faith.
  Citrus County Baha'i Community -
Citrus County, Florida, USA. Local news and events, FAQ, general information and contacts.
  Baha'i Community of Dallas -
Baha'i Community of Dallas, Texas
  Baha'i Communities of metropolitan Columbia -
Columbia, South Carolina. Baha'i teachings, history, current community activities with illustrations, links and contacts.
  The Bahá'í Community of Howard County, Maryland -
Community activities, Institute of Learning, general information, contacts and links.
  Baha'i Faith of Reno -
Reno, Nevada. Community goals, local history, general information, contacts and links.
  Madison Bahá'i Community -
Statement of faith, social concerns, contacts of the temple in Madison, Wisconsin.
  Anchorage Baha'i Community -
General information about the Baha'i Faith, community events calendar and news.
  Baha'i Community of Edmond -
Edmond, Oklahoma. Calendar of events and Holy Days, contacts for Oklahoma Baha'i communities, general information and links.
  Baha'is of Baltimore County Central -
The official Web site of the Baha'is of Baltimore County Central.
  Mesa Bahá'í Community -
Published by the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Mesa, Arizona. Activities and links.
  Baha'is of San Antonio, Texas -
San Antonio, Texas. Calendar of events, general information, Virtues Project, contacts.
  Las Vegas Baha'i Community -
Official website of the Spiritual Assembly of The Bahai's of Las Vegas
  The Boone Baha'i -
The Boone Baha'i - For seekers of religious information about the Baha'i Faith.
  Baha'is of Charlotte, North Carolina -
Explanation of the faith, calendar of events, community information.
  Baha'i Community of Helena -
Local events calendar, articles and news, information on the Faith, and Contacts. Montana, USA.
  Jacksonville Baha'i Community -
Jacksonville, Florida. Notice board of local events, principles of the Faith, contacts and links.
  Huntersville Baha'i Community -
Huntersville Baha'i Community
  Lincoln Baha'i Website -
Official website of the Lincoln, Nebraska Baha'i community. General information on Baha'i Teachings and community notice board.
  Baha'i Communities of Brevard County -
Information relating to the Central Florida Baha'i Communities, USA. Community events list, articles on the Faith, links and contacts.
  Baha'is of Richardson -
Richardson, Texas. Calendar of events, general information, contacts and links.
  Bahá'i Faith in Boise -
Information about the faith in Boise, Idaha, the community, contact numbers, links.
  Bahá'i Community of Shorewood Hills -
Wisconsin congregation, contact information, statement of faith, links.
  Baha'is of Great Falls -
Baha'i Community of Great Falls, Montana. General information, community calendar, contacts.
  Rappahannock Area Baha'is -
information on community activities, contacts and links.
  Baha'is of Desoto Texas -
General information about the Baha'i Faith, local community activities, contacts.
  Everett, Washington -
The Baha'i Community of Everett, Washington provides categorized and keyword search engines for up to 2300 Baha'i websites.
  Baha'i Community of Renton -
Renton, Washington. Contact information and links.
  Practical Religion -
St Louis Baha'i Community site, dedicated to fostering interfaith partnerships and the application of spiritual principles to everyday life. Calendar of events, quotes, contacts.
  Baha'i Unity Centre -
Raleigh, North Carolina. Activity calendar, statements on current world issues, contacts.
  Baha'i Community of Irving -
Irving, Texas. Calendar of events, youth activities, contacts.
  The Bahais of Tulsa -
Tulsa Oklahoma. General information on Baha'i Faith. User registration for discussion forum.
  The Baháí Community of Plano -
Plano Texas. Community news and events, and information about the North Texas Regional Baha'i Center.
  Baha'is of Fairfield County -
General information from several Bahá'í communities in Southwestern Connecticut. Events calendars, links, and contact information.
  Baha'i Community of Topeka Kansas -
The official site of the Topeka and Shawnee County Kansas Spiritual Assemblies. Events calendar, general information contacts and links.
  Sioux City Iowa Baha'i Community -
Baha'i Community of Sioux City, Iowa. Events calendar, photo gallery and contacts.
  Baha'i Center of St. Petersburg -
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Local events, general information and contacts.
  Bahá'í Faith Palm Beach -
Information for South Floridian Bahá'ís, with an introduction to the Faith, a calendar of local events and a gallery of children's art.
  Baha'i Community of Fort Wayne -
Fort Wayne, Indiana. Information on community activities, contacts and links.


  Bosch Bahá'í School -
A school with the purpose of increasing students' knowledge of various aspects of the Bahá'í Faith, including its history, core teachings and spiritual principles. Located in Santa Cruz
  Bahá'í Community of San José -
San José, California. Information on local activities and links to international Baha'i Community. Contacts and directions for finding the Bahá'í Center in San José.
  Baha'i Community of Lake Forest -
Lake Forest, California. Calendar of community events, links, contacts.
  Baha'is of Mountain View and Los Altos -
Mountain View and Los Altos, California. Calendar of local activities, general information and contacts.
  Baha'i Centre of South Orange County -
South Orange County, California. General information, Shining Star School, contacts and directions.
  The Baha'is of Simi Valley -
Baha'i Community of Simi Valley, California. Local Contacts, general links.
  Serving Baha'i Communities in/around Orange Co CA - is dedicated to serving the Baha'i Faith, in particular its members and communities in and around Orange County, California.
  Baha'i Faith in San Francisco -
San Francisco, California. Community events, family school calendar, general information and contacts.
  Baha'i Community of Santa Clara -
Santa Clara, California, USA. Community calendar of events, photo gallery, links and contact information.
  The Baháí Community of Dana Point -
Dana Point California. Comunity activities, devotional meetings, contacts.
  Pleasant Hill -
Local contact information for the Pleasant Hill, CA Bahá'í community.
  Baha'is of Fremont -
Fremont, California. Calendar of events, general information, contacts and links.
  Baha'i Community of Petaluma, -
Petaluma, California, USA. is doing and also more about the Baha'i Faith worldwide. Community events calendar, information on community service projects, general information and contacts.
  Aliso Viejo Baha'i community -
Baha'i Community of Aliso Viejo, California. Community information and events, statements on current issues, contacts.
  Atascadero Baha'i Community -
Baha'is of Atascadero. Community events, general information and contacts.


Baha'i Community of Naperville -
Information about the Bahá'í Faith and the Bahá'í Community of Naperville, Illinois, USA.
  Baha'i Community of Aurora -
Published by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Aurora, Illinois, USA. Information on current community projects, calendar of activities, contacts and links.
  Chicago Bahá'í Community -
Newsletter, history of the Chicago community which dates back to 1893, calendar of events, several selections from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh, and contact information.


New York City - https://www.BCCA.Org/communities/us/ny/nyc/
  St. James -
  Brighton -
  The Light of Unity -
The web site of the Baha'is of New York City. Local activities, community information and general introductory information on the Baha'i Faith.