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Fran Baker and Ron House

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From: Dave Cornejo <>
Subject: RESULT: talk.religion.bahai passes 218:63
Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999 10:41 PM
         unmoderated group talk.religion.bahai passes 218:63
There were 218 YES votes and 63 NO votes, for a total of 281 valid
votes.  There were 6 abstentions and 8 invalid ballots.
For a group to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid
(YES and NO) votes.  There must also be at least 100 more YES votes
than NO votes.
A five day discussion period follows this announcement.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
moderator of news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly
Newsgroups line:
talk.religion.bahai	Discussion of the Baha'i Faith.
Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 25 Dec 1998.
This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.
Proponent: FG <>
Proponent: Ron House <>
Proponent: Fran Baker <>
Proponent: Frank Baker <>
Proponent: John Walker <>
Votetaker: Dave Cornejo <>
RATIONALE: talk.religion.bahai
The newsgroup talk.religion.bahai is proposed to meet the need for an
open and unmoderated forum for discussion of the Baha'i Faith within
the structure of the Big 8 hierarchies.
The proponents intend that talk.religion.bahai will complement, rather
than supplant, the existing moderated group soc.religion.bahai, and
will provide those without access to alt.religion.bahai the
opportunity to participate.  It is noted that the alt.* hierarchy is
less well propagated than the talk.* hierarchy; this has meant that
many people who have voted YES on earlier proposals have been unable
to join discussions on alt.religion.bahai.
CHARTER: talk.religion.bahai
All topics or ideas relevant to the Baha'i faith -- its history,
teachings, theology, etc. -- would be appropriate areas for
Talk.religion.bahai fills the need for a fully open and universally
accessible Internet forum about the Baha'i Faith.  Postings may take
any point of view with regard to the Baha'i Faith.  While this allows
criticism, it also fully opens the door for enquirers to see with
their own eyes and not through the eyes of their neighbors, asking
questions and reading replies from anyone who is interested in their
Readers are asked to observe standard netiquette in their use of this
Readers are asked to observe Baha'i standards of conduct and not to
start or prolong flamewars in the group, but to focus instead on
articles and threads written in more moderate terms.
The posting of articles not relevant to the Baha'i Faith is
prohibited.  Large ASCII graphics, large binaries, pornography, spam,
and any postings of a purely personal or commercial nature are
prohibited.  To facilitate viewing in news readers that are not
HTML-capable, HTML-formatted postings are strongly discouraged.
Cross-posting to irrelevant groups is also discouraged, and readers
are encouraged to redirect follow-ups to reduce excessive
cross-posting. Readers may also post articles that have been rejected
>from  soc.religion.bahai, so long as they conform to this charter.
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talk.religion.bahai Final Voter list
Voted YES
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                             Rena Garner                                                       John New                                                 Martin Clark                                                      Ron House                                   Joel Jani Marangella                                                Gitie House                                           Bill Brewer                                               Mike Sugimoto                                      Colin R. Leech                                             Afzal Shaheedi                                    Akbarally Meherally                                  Mahmoud Zarepour.                                           Kanva Narayan                                               Sal Tierney                                                   Haq Hanvey                                              Abdulnasser Ali                                            FG                                                       Hani Ayyad                                                      Jim Overmyer                                             Marcella Hamilton                                                   Kevin Haines                                                      Maaz Khan                                               Anthony A. Lee                                                                                            John Doe                                               Robert S Nikjoo                                                 J. Eddie Parent.                                           jim Davis (shaksway)                                                      Sam Masters                                                Ala'a Elmasri                                                John MacLeod                                              Alex Dawson                              "Doc" Kindervater                                              Thomas Buckland                                                       S. A.                                           Haytham Abu-Hantash                                               Sassy Markow                                         Bud Laudrigan                                  Jeffrey A. Goldberg                                       McKibben Family                                                   Belinda                                              Martin H. Booda                (Guy Macon)                                                Viqar Minai                                        Ladislaus Carducci
UNGARINO#ECardMail.Com                                         Eleanor Ungarino                                   John Brownston                                           Jennifer Mercado                                                Edward III                                         Steve Tomljenovic                                   Brian Roth                                                  Amer Alshawa                                                Khalid Shaukat                                        Marlene Tutstone                                                  Jaime Lopez
                 Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman                     McKloskey Abdullah                                                Gillam Kerley                                                   David Farrar                                          Lucie Vendome                                              Jack Wilson                                              Jeff Runchey                                                 Dave Ratcliffe                                                  Ron Howard                                           Steve Kendrick                                                     Brian Hoyt                                                  B.J. Herbison                                                    Maher Barakat                                                  Cindy Nunez                                       Clara Frade-Burnett                                         Shakir Husain                                              Dick Detweiler                                                 Randall Shane                                               Jim Goodlett                                           Mohamad Takriti                                         Alice Hopegartner                                         Matthew Cromer                                            Roohi Amirazodi                                                         Rashid                                          Jeanne A. E. DeVoto                                                  Kwame Unanda                                                   <FONT =                                                Lee Rusan                                                   Aamir=20                                                Omar El Kordy                                      Len Christensen                                           Henry Wadsworth                                          Miguel Hernandez                                       David L. Vessell                                       David Sponseller                                    Edyth Badalian                                                      Ogreen                                              Edward Jensen                                              Larry Hoffman                                                    Cipher                                            W. Sanders-Unrein                                                Bill McJohn                        " and be immediately followed                                              Olav Nieuwejaar                                           Sohayl Shambashi                                            Arif Muljadi                                        Robert  Little                                   Lisa Sutherland                                              Deana M. Holmes                                               David Marasco                                   Christian Edward Gruber                                      Jenifer P. Tidwell                                             Rich Carreiro                                            Jane Ellenberg                                                  Eileen Adams                                         Muhammad Raflin                                       Robert Warren                                               Ruth Timken                                        Safir Ulhaque                                       Jason Meller                                                Bud Griffin                                                 David Chvatel                                         Victor Maruyama                                             Harold Shinsato                                                 Imran A. Mufti                                                                Pan                                                Shirley Humes                                                Joe Bernstein                                           Charlotte  <BR>                                 Lininger        <BR>                                      Alvart Riecker                                                   Shahid Mahmud                                               Sam Lingel                                             Kenneth Haldi                                              Arman Tajarobi                                                        j.s.                                             Andrew Krupowicz                                                 Niman Shukairy                                                 PadidehjAn                                                  Nancy Uhler                                                 Khalid Akhtar                                               tobias erle                 Indratmoko Poerwanto                                         Chris Stone                                                  N.A.F. McNelly
hfung#CSUPomona.Edu                                                  Henry Fung                                           Jeffrey Deutsch                                       Jonathan Dresner                                             John Walbridge
moslem#MIT.EDU                                                   Tarik Alatovic                                          Donald Z Osborn                                      Siraj Akhtar                                            Mutaz Daas                                     Wajahat A Khan                                                Gordon Smith                                        Brett J. Kopetsky                                     Massoud Ajami                                             Frances R. Baker                                                Frank Baker                                             Anees Shaikh                                            Nedal Saleh                                                      Juan Cole                                                     Nizam Arain                                             Raja R Harinath                                                   Dean Hougen                                         Jonathan R Whitling                                                David Bowie                                         Ahmed Abd-Allah                                              Endro Kusumo                                              Mohammed Alo                                             John Doe                                               K. Paul Johnson                                    Aamina Ahmed                                                   Nasima Ali                                              J Rufinus                                           Paul S. Wolf
vsaarine#cs.Helsinki.FI                                           Vesa Saarinen                                            Bob McEwan.                                               Nikos Mastrakoulis                                           Khairol Azmi Yussof                                 shahrin shah bin abdul rahman                                                 Gene Truto                                     &nbsp; Milissa Boyer=20                                            David Taylor
islam662#CSSN.NET                                           Sabeel Ahmed</FONT>                                             Sharon Bouchard
oreocat#ETINTERNET.NET                                             Gary L. King                                                LarryMoore                                                    Stuart S                                                   Baird Stafford                                                 John Noland                                             Thomas Spellman                                                 Roger Reini                                                   Peter=20                                               Brent Mathieu                                                   Eric D. Pierce                                                Trevor Tymchuk                                                Robert Marsou                                           Richard Pittman                                                        Teri Rhan                                                Muhammad=20                                             Lloyd Madansky                                                  Hussam Ayloush                                              Harry Clinkhammer                                          Andres Gutierrez de Cos                                                Tommy Carter                                            Emily Jackson                                   Kaitlin Forrest                                               Irina Rempt                                              Steve Marshall                                          Islamic Information Office                                               Muhammad Irshad                                                  Jason Wright                                  Sophia Barthelmes                                      Andrew Gierth                                            neil kelley                                         Scott Chambers                                            SamTHEMan
Voted NO
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                             Shahab Mansouri                                             Dany Steyaert                                          David Bowie                                                Mark Towfiq                                               Debbie Jenkins                                        Katherine Mayerovitch                                                     Kim DeVaughn                                                   Dwight Brown                                       David Ritscher                                            Rachel Butson                                                     Larry Smith                                                  Camm Maguire                Enoch's Vision, Inc. (Cary Enoch R.)                                                  William Collins                                             Tom Hodges                                       Victoria Williams                                             Gary Rosenbaum                                         Ahmad Fazlollahi                                          Theresa McClendon                                        Screaming Banshee                                               Fred Tague                                                   Jim Jam                                            Douglas Myers                                                Shohreh Mansouri                                           Bruce D. Limber                                                   Linda L Polk                                             Bonnie Blanford                                                 David Jull                                             George McCoy                                            Brian Walker                                       Chris Ebenezer                                                  David W. Crawford                                            Robert Moldenhauer                                          Sandy Allan                                                 Bill Hyman                                            Doug O'Brien                                                Kate Sparks                                                       F Uy                                            Ekkehard Uthke                                 Christian Weisgerber                                                Craig Nelson                                                      Brian Aull                                              Richard H. Miller                                               Pat Kohli                                                Helen Oney                                                Bud Polk                                            Roger Borseth                                                       Rick Ellis                                                      Vic Dura                                                    Tim Griffin                                         John B. Cornell                                             Albert Verbrugh                                                  Loriann=20                                         Mehyar Badii-Azandahi                                                   Dennis Rule                                               Tom Richards                                               Simon Mawhinney                                         Darren Wyn Rees                                     Graham Sorenson
leili#Justice.Medford.MA.US                                       Leili Towfigh
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                       Sue Klein Gennario                                      Christopher Robin Zimmerman                                        Samandar Roshan-Zamir                                         Neil Crellin                                     Wade Schuette                                                  Rick Troxel
Invalid ballots
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                   Afshin Afrashteh
    ! Disqualified                                     Abdul-Rashid Abdullah
    ! Ineligible address
    ! No vote statement in message                                                     Craig Boyd
    ! No vote statement in message
LISTSERV#H-NET.MSU.EDU  L-Soft list server at H-Net - Humanities On-Line (1.8c)
    ! No vote statement in message                                               Richard Hollinger
    ! No vote statement in message                                                     smeanver
    ! No vote statement in message                                               Bob/Zannie
    ! No vote statement in message
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