The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


I have deleted their names and email addresses to protect them from

>Thanks, for the email.  SRB is sort of * tame * and I was sure there
>must be more going on than what one reads there.  While the Bahai Faith
>makes a lot of sense to me, the censorship and the people who practice
>it do not.  Good luck with your efforts. I am sure Baha'u'lah would

>thank you for your e-mail.  I appreciate the link to your webpage.  Only
>had time to scan it really quickly, and it sounds very interesting.  I'll go
>back and give it the time it deserves asap.

>thanks for your message.
>The ng seems to have a fundamentalist tone.
>I think Bahai's must drop some axioms about infallibility
>of interpretations by Abdul and Shoghi if they are to
>attract any thinkers of substance.

>I assume that you've mailed this information because ou obtained my email
>address after I posted on the soc.religion.bahai newsgroup one time. While
>I thought your web page was interesting and well done (and you are obviously
>extremely well educated), I really don't have any interest in "things
>Baha'i" any more.
>I was an active member of the faith for a few months (I guess my name
>appeared "on the books" for about 2 years), I withdrew formally back in May.
>Therefore, please don't send me anything similar in the future.
>Best of luck with your quest or mission or whatever. I hope that whomever
>is bothering you stops it.
>Thanks & brightest blessings.....

>I would like to be added to the Bahaii mailing list, if I may.
>I found out about the mailing list from Fredericks approach to the Bahaii
>newsgroup. And as so many others I am somewhat upset about the censorship
>in effect on this list.
>So please add me to the mailing list...and I am in high hopes that my
>writings will not be censored as it has been the case in previous times.
>Thank you and brgds

>This relatively new (one year) Baha'i couple, asking many of the same
>questions you and others have raised, just found the SRB site which led us
>to your Freedom of Conscience site. Bravo! Please put us on your mailing
>list: [name & address deleted] We, too, have
>discovered that "the Emperor has no clothes", and believe it's time for
>some hard, honest, challenging discussion and reassessment.
>Our over-riding concern is, what now? Do we, like so many others, just
>completely walk away from the Baha'i faith -- do we throw out all the
>writings, all the potential the Baha'i faith has to offer, and passively
>watch an authoritarian bureaucracy flush the whole thing down the tubes?
>In view of the unbreakable, if not infallible, choke-hold the
>administration has over the minds of its followers, is there any reasonable
>hope of accomplishing anything from within -- or will we probably just get
>thrown out of the club with the rest of the naysayers? Have any (other than
>the infamous Orthodox Bahai "Covenant Breakers") ever considered creating a
>new group based on, or at least incorporating, the Baha'i writings? It all
>just seems a darned shame.

>I have seen your posts over time and I know where you are coming from. I
>don't always agree, but I admit there is more than a grain of truth to
>your comments about the Baha'i comunity. This Faith is so new that
>everyone is still trying to fugure out what it is, even Baha'is that are
>very deepened.
>I had an idea this weekend and since you have contacted me I will run it
>by you. What do you think of a web discussion site for the Baha'i Faith?
>If you are not familiar with this they work much like a newsgroup, but
>are dependent on web access. The appeareance is similar to the dejanews
>setup. I am thinking of calling it [deleted] and formally state
>that it is for discussion of things spiritual as I am sure that if I say
>it is for discussion of the Baha'i Faith I will be harrassed by
>individuals who don't like what they see.
>As a friend of mine once said, "Until the Baha'i Faith gets real and
>shows the Baha'i Faith, wrinkles and all, it will never grow."