The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: <>
Subject: Re: Action Alert - Easy Reward from Allah(SWT), EnshaAllah
Date: Friday, December 18, 1998 3:35 AM
> Bismillahi arraHman arraHeem,
> ...... interested parties should cast their votes depending on whether they
> feel yet another unmoderated forum about the Baha'i religion is warranted,
> ......
It is somewhat misleading to claim that a readily available unmoderated forum
exists for discussions on the Baha'i Faith.  The existing unmoderated
newsgroup, alt.religion.bahai, is hardly accessible due to it being on the
obscure hierarchy of 'alt.'  I for one cannot access this newsgroup directly
because my Internet Service Provider and its feed from usenet does not carry
this newsgroup.  It is also extremely inconvenient, slow, complicated, and
costly to access this newsgroup via webpage services.
The proposal to create an unmoderated forum 'talk.religion.bahai' for the open
discussion of the Baha'i Faith, is essentially a proposal to rename
alt.religion.bahai to talk.religion.bahai.  The 'talk.' hierarchy is much more
widely carried and hence available to Internet users, because it is considered
one of the big-8 hierarchies (e.g. soc., talk., news.)
Furthermore, there is no good reason why there can't be several unmoderated or
moderated groups in any serious and popular topic.  And note that without a
widely accessible unmoderated group, all moderated groups in that topic are of
questionable legitamacy.
I would like to remind that the 'right to free and unfettered discussion' is
one of our fundamental and inalienable rights.  I take exception at those who
call for limiting our civil liberties by opposing the creation of unmoderated
groups.  Civil liberties are not subject to a (negative) vote.  Voting against
the creation of unmoderated groups is an act of censorship, IMO.
It is only fair that usenet allow the creation of (one or more) unmoderated
groups on a widely accessible hierarchy, for any serious and popular topic in
which demand has been amply demonstrated.  It is an error by usenet to apply
the same rules used for the creation of moderated groups to the creation of
serious and popular unmoderated groups.
Free and unfettered discussion is an inalienable right.
S. Shambashi
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