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From: <>
Subject: O MUSLIM! Do your duty!
Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 12:06 AM
Peace be upon those that receive true guidance,
In the last couple of days you have seen posts requesting that you vote for
Let me explain yet again why it is IMPERATIVE that you vote NOW!!
If you visit srb.htm you will see a
partial archive of the dark history behind the censorhsip at
It is true that alt.religion.bahai an unmoderated newsgroup already exists
but it is VERY poorly carried by ISPs unlike the talk.* hierarchy. Many
people read the newsgroup via email also and don't have access to the web
regularly so don't have access to This is why the proposal for
talk.religion.bahai has come up again and again and EVERY time baha'is have
voted it DOWN.
Ask yourslef WHY? WHY? WHY? WHAT are they hiding? WHAT are they afraid of if
they feel they have the truth?
I as a muslim am coming to all you brothers and sisters in the spirit of
Ramadan and am	APPEALING to all of you to take a moment to VOTE for ISLAM
and for LOVE of the PROPHET PBUH!!
I and other muslims have been censured MANY times at soc.religion.bahai when
baha'is post articles attacking the finality of Islam and our beloved Prophet
PBUH and then reject muslim replies. The baha'is then try to distort the
picture by saying they allow buddhists to post. The fact is only ISLAM is a
serious threat to bahaism and this is FACT that muslim replies have been
REJECTED. Don't let these baha'is like Robert Little and Rachel to sugar-coat
it for you. soc.religion.bahai is run by fanatic baha'is who even didn't
allow posts by FG because his signature has a link to a site
they DON'T LIKE. Check it our yourself by going to the above link or going to
The Prophet PBUH said:
"Let not any one of you belittle himself. They said:
     'O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle
     himself'? He said: 'He finds a matter concerning Allah
     about which he should say something, and he does not
     say [it], so Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says to
     him on the Day of Resurrection: "What prevented you
     from saying something about such-and-such and such-
     and-such"? He says: "[It was] out of fear of people."
     Then, He says: "Rather it is I whom you should more
     properly fear".'
Dear beloved brothers and sisters, talk.religion.bahai is needed by muslims so
they can allow those who have been misled by bahaism see the muslim point of
view. If this vote doesn't go through it might be atleast a year before the
issue comes up again. In the meantime, how many souls would have been misled
into bahaism? How many souls will ALLAH swt hold us muslims partially
responsible for, for having failed to do our divine duty.
Brothers and sisters, Ramadan is coming up. The reward for taking such a small
step for the cause of Allah swt will be rewarded 70 times or more during
If the proposal still fails then so be it but YOU DO YOUR BEST so you can
stand infront of Allah swt and say that you tried at the very least!
Now I have been told by the votetaker that he dosn't like me posting voting
instructions but that "he is the only legitimate source of these
instructions". So I can't post the exact voting instructions now.
Here's what you can do though:
1) Email and ask for the voting intructions OR 2) Read the
CFV (Call For Votes) posted by the votetaker at : 3) Spread the action alert to
muslim mailing lists you are on and other brothers and sisters you privately
Remember voting ends by Dec 24th so there isn't much time
Also learn more about the bahai faith at my website and start doing to baha'is
you personally know or on the NET :
Answering Bahaullah
May ALLAH swt reward in this effort and RAMADAN mubarak beloved brothers and
Afshin Afrashteh
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