The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject: Re: Why can't you....?
Date: 12/9/1998 9:15 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Ruletherod
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>I have known the House to answer me in four days
>and I have known them to take six months. The one that took six months was
>well worth waiting for and the one that took four days would have caused me
>nervous break down if I'd had to wait any longer!
>warmest, Susan
The logic the House used for taking for taking a year to answer my appeal
was that they felt I would have come to my senses in all that time. I did.
In my profound disillusionment (ridding myself of illusions) at their
insensitivity--to a problem they helped create-- I began the long process of
leaving the Faith.
Of course, none of this is really important to anyone unless it is your
faith being crushed.
I really believe, Susan, that if you had been put into my set of
circumstances and had became too disgusted to continue making appeals--you
would have lost your faith too.
The fact is Bahais leave the Faith quietly every year. They're typically
called "inactive."
For all you Bahais out there with your heads blistfully in the sand--when
not crying "foul" to what I'm saying: Do your homework and quit chiming in
with the mob mentality.



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