The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Kavosh Soltani <>
Subject: Re: Reply to "moderator" of soc.religion.bahai
Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 9:37 PM
Pat Kohli wrote in message <>...
>> Kavosh Soltani wrote:
>> I am very amused with your statements.  Firstly, your assertion
>> that Bahaism is a world religion is conjecture and an unproven
>> fact which is reject by every Muslim.
> Pat Kohli
> Obviously not every Muslim accepts the Baha'i Faith as their
> religion, but pretending it is not a religion does not make
> it a non-religion. Check
> Pretending that Sikh or Druse are not religions also does not
> make them not religions.
You missed the irony in my reply...
Even though I was exposing the truth about some of the often
misquoted text of Quran used by Bahai missionaries, the
moderator claimed that my statement was "unproven"!  I can't
see what level of "proof" he demands nor do I understand why
he feels it his right to prevent postings that aim to provide
such proof or raise the discussion based on clear evidence...
If the moderator's excuse now is that everything to be discussed
on SRB must have been "proven" apriori, then once more that's a
double standard imposed solely on non-Bahais.  Bahais routinely
are allowed to post unproven accusations and misquotations about
Islam and Muslims.  I wonder why no one bothers to demand "proof"
from Bahai missionaries when they speak of Islam and Muslims on
My reply pointed out that, if one wants to demand "proof",
Bahaism itself has not been "proven", and the conjecture
it advances about Islam is false...
>> Kavosh Soltani wrote:
>> Secondly, routinely you
>> and your collegues allow anti-Islamic postings by Bahai
>> missionaries on your forum and then censor any follow up,
>> clarification, or reply by Muslims.
> Pat Kohli
> Here are the threads from srb that I see on my news server:
> Subject                         Sender
> ..........................      ............
> Please identify the anti-Islamic postings.
Pat, are you trying to pull our legs?  I did not say "right
now", but routinely...  You know, I have not been compiling
a listing of all such postings, but actually this lasy series
of postings (from last month or so until now), began when
some Bahais started posting articles on SRB about Islam and
their so called evidence for continuation of prophethood.
My postings were rejected as "irrelevant", while Bahai Emails
consisting of nothing but verses of Quran were allowed!
I am certain you can browse and find them in dejanews...
>> Kavosh Soltani wrote:
>> What kind of a "newsgroup" is this?  Is this a newsgroups about
>> Bahaism, as it should be, or a house of Bahai missionaries and
>> a forum for Bahais to openly misrepresent the teachings of a
>> World Religion and offend Muslims?  If you like to carry out with
>> your missionary efforts to attack Islam without hearing the truth
>> from Muslims, I suggest you get a private mailing list.  If you allow
>> a Bahai to make a posting on Islam on your forum (as you routinely
>> do with finality of prophethood, Day of Judgment, etc.), it is
>> dishonest not to allow Muslims to provide a reply.
> Pat Kohli
> srb is a moderated news group.  I've gotten a rejection
> message from Mr. Hyman as well. If you wish to discuss
> finality of prophethood or Day of Judgement, there are
> open threads on those topics right here at arb.
Once more you are oversimlifying things.  If moderators of
SRB feel that these topics are revelant to Bahaism when
Bahai missionaries post their "evidence" from Islamic
Scripture, then it only goes to show their bias when they
reject replies by Muslims on the same topic.
>> Kavosh Soltani wrote:
>> I have had many complaints from Muslims on this issue and
>> know that the biased standard used by SRB is unlike that of
>> any other newsgroup.
> Pat Kohli
> Perhaps you could direct your Muslim friends to post their
> views on finality of prophethood and Day of Judgement at an
> unmoderated group or perhaps an moderated
> group. I am unaware that Baha'is believe in finality of
> prophethood in a meaningful way, so it would not seem like
> a Baha'i topic.  Jews believe that the Law of God was
> completed through Moses and no new Covenant has followed.
> Christians believe that the Covenant ends with the Injeel.
> Muslims believe that the Covenant ends with the Qor'an.
> Though Baha'is believe that the Manifestation of God for
> this age is Baha'u'llah, we do not believe that the
> Revelation of God ever ceases.
I am not concerned with what Jews, Christians, Bahais, or
Heaven Gates followers have invented for themselves, at the
moment.  I am discussing Biass and Censor of follow up
postings to SRB.  Deliberate subversion of Islam by Bahai
missionaries is ugly and their censor of Non-Bahais on
SRB is unacceptable per Internet standards.