The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Chess Hazlett <>
Subject: Re: soc.religion.bahai Signatures
Date: Wednesday, October 07, 1998 2:50 PM
>Fred Glaysher wrote:
>If that's it, then I can only say it's sophistry,
>clear and simple....
Fred, you have a point here.
If the SRB moderators want to prevent one person from posting, then they
shouldn't mince words about it; they should just do it.  AFAIK, that's
within their scope of authority as moderators (correct me if I'm wrong).
It's quite another thing to make a blanket ruling about sig files under the
guise of advertising and then to enforce it selectively.  The rule, as I
remember, said "no links to anything other than emails...any website links
will be deleted."  Or words to that effect.
They made the rule...they should follow it.  Anything else has a rather
hypocritical ring to it, at least to me.
Sinc ChessH
"And the crowd waved and cheered wildly, for, while they didn't care at all
about anyone arriving, they were always very pleased to see someone go."
--Norton Juster