The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject: Re: The Baha'i Technique
Date: 10/15/1998 7:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Gibro28W
Message-id: <>
Frederick to Gibro:
>What you're seeing demonstrated here is merely "The Baha'i Technique":
I just read "The Baha'i Technique" and I couldn't agree more with its
Because a number of the Baha'is who visit here may not check it out due to
distrust, let me quote one section (1992) here for those open-minded enough
to read it:
"The usual stratagem in dealing with anyone who would express his conscience
in good faith is to pretend the Cause is above any kind of criticism
whatsoever while intimating
that anyone who would speak honestly must have something wrong with him,
i.e., his spiritual life isn't what it should be, he doesn't understand the
nature of unity, or he's accused of trying to obtain power for himself,
which at times seems merely a calculated way of discrediting the person, and
so on."
"Another common strategy used to acquire control over the individual is to
humor the person by letting him pour himself out, etc., and then
self-righteously giving him the Truth."
That's it in a nutshell, Fred. It's clear to me why the Baha'is are afraid
of you. You're
telling it like it is. And you always have, despite the kinds of words
you've used to get
your messages across. It's a shame they've dismissed you all this time.
What's funny is knowing that most Baha'is will apply "The Baha'i Technique"
in their reading of this technique. That they're that predictable (once you
understand this aspect of human nature), never seems to phase them in their
determination. (By the same token, they've come to see us as predictable too
They might understand our position, but they
don't want to believe it's true. They'd have to give up something in return.