The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


It should be noted that Ron House has been posting for a number of years
in many Bahais forums, including on soc.religion.bahai, and is known to be a Bahai
and not what Bahais call a covenant breaker. The issue of CB material was
specifically addressed in the early draft of the RFD by quoting the UHJ's support
of civil rights for covenant breakers and unmoderated forums. Mr. Hyman's
message here appears to me to be an attempt to cloud the waters after apparent
agreement regarding the "neutral" RFD.

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From: Island Business Center (Bill Hyman) <>
To: FG <>
Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 5:53 PM
Subject: Talk.religion.bahai
>Dear Mr. Glaysher:
>I seem to recall that Mr. Ron House is not  a Baha'i and I would like to
>enquire why you would be interested in helping him to set up a forum for
>Baha'i discussion which would have no control over CB material. My
>understanding of our directives is that we should not engage in discussion
>with Covenant Breakers, but I would be interested in your views and
>Bill Hyman