The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Kent Johnson <>
Subject: Re: fw Ron House Re: 2nd ROUGH DRAFT - RFD - talk.religion.bahai
Date: Monday, September 07, 1998 10:10 PM
Donald Zhang Osborn wrote in message <>...
>Anyway, as I understand it, a Covenant-breaker or Fred *can* post anything
relating to the Baha'i teachings that doesn't include Covenant-breaking
material (or links to it).  One may or may not agree with the moderation
policy, but moderation does not affect the accessibility of a newsgroup.<
If that were true none of us would have a complaint.  The trouble, according
to my experience, is the partisanship.  They can easily make a rule "no
covenant breaking links or sentiments" and no one would have a complaint.
That is their prerogative.  But they don't allow talk about how or why they
should or shouldn't allow or disallow covenant breaker material. Or why they
do, did, didn't or don't.  And they claim to be open to such discussions,
but they are not.
If you have ever been allowed to take part in their discussions you cannot
know who answered you because, most likely, their answers were disallowed
for any number or reasons.  And those reasons cannot be discussed.  They
won't allow it.
We are better off without the srb.  They serve no good purpose.
Allah'u'Abha.  --Kent