The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience


Subject: A Baha'i Technique
Date: Thursday, July 30, 1998 7:01 AM

Ron House observes in a message available on my web site at
House2.htm that

"I've found over the years that
there is a technique used by traditional Baha'is and
others to squash dissension: harry the dissenter so
much he says something intemperate, then point out
how 'loving' and 'compassionate' they are and how
nasty the dissenter is. The trouble is that this
technique works, so I've been making a conscious
effort not to fall for it. Also, when they get the
dissenter discouraged and miserable enough, he
invariably makes a slip-up sooner or later that they
can REALLY let loose the venom over."

I hope new comers to alt.religion.bahai will be able to
see through this technique. It is the common one often
noted as in the FAQ:

"Some of the most striking methods demonstrated repeatedly by
many Bahais during the last year and a half of discussion about
an unmoderated newsgroup is their refusal to listen and respond to
the criticisms of those who are in favor of talk.religion.bahai,
ignoring their concerns, never responding analytically to their
messages and reasoning and logic and evidence, attacking them
through character assassination and ad hominem, ganging up
on individuals, and "circling the wagons" around every action
of the srb moderators or others who are opposed to

"More than twenty different people on my web site have posted messages
explaining their experience with srb censorship yet many srb Bahais
NEVER address their concerns. Ignoring such charges will not make
them go away.  NO ONE has to "try" to link the trb interest poll with
censorship on srb; the moderators themselves have done that by
suppressing droves of people for years. There are many people who
believe such suppression is part and parcel of the Bahai
community as it exists today."

The same techniques are obviously being used again by
Bahais on alt.religion.bahai and
to demonize me and ignore the fact that several different people,
apparently all members of the Bahai Faith, unbeknownst to each
other, apparently all thought of the same fearful thing: that the
murder of Dr. Daniel Jordan may have possibly been by another
Bahai, or ordered by one, or, God forbid, by a member of a
the Bahai administration or a body of it....

These are the inevitable thoughts and consequences of censorship
and suppression of free speech and conscience at every turn
within the Bahai Faith. When people aren't permitted to express their
freely arrived at thoughts and feelings, they inevitably begin to
wonder why and what motives those suppressing others really have.

The storm of Bahai denial and attempts to portray me in a negative
light speak for themselves. Notice that at no time have I accused
Michael Kafes of knowing or committing anything in this regard.
I have merely posted his message that reveals the fearful, distrustful,
frightening environment that Bahais live in.... Instead of being
concerned that someone might actually be able to solve a
despicable crime, they have rushed to conceal it and to attack and
accuse me personally....

Enough of this technique....  It would be best if talk.religion.bahai
were created with the help of Bahais, but, if need be, it can be
created  without them.... Using this threat against talk.religion.bahai
at this time is in itself quite revealing....

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