The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

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Subject: Re: [bahai-faith] Leaving Faith (fwd)
Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 1:29 AM
Dear Teri,
If you would take the time to read Fred's entire message including the last
line which says: "The Baha'i faith is a beautiful dream on paper..."
you would see that he ended his statement with (...) which indicates to me
and uncompleted thought. This uncompleted thought has relevance to the
subject under discussion ie. leaving the Baha'i faith. Fred's further
explaining would (I feel) indeed further the discussion.
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>Dear George,
>I'm returning your message to you unposted to soc.religion.bahai as it
>appears more as personal email and does not further the dicussion on this
>topic.  You can contact Fred directly at
>Thank you for participating,
>Teri Rhan
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>From: George & Marlena <>
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>Subject: Re: Leaving Faith
>Dear Frederick,
>Would you please continue with your thought? I am interested in hearing
>comments further. You seemed to stop before you were finished. Please go
>FG wrote in message
>>CHRISTOPHER ERIK NASON wrote in message
>>> I also have to say good-bye to the Baha'i Faith, as I can no longer
>>>stand the supremacist attitudes of many of the members, the
>>>evangelicism and hypocracy.
>>You're probably making the best decision.... I believe your
>>evaluation of the attitudes of many Bahais today is quite
>>accurate, though few will admit it....
>>What you call evangelicism, I would call fanaticism and
>>extremism. I agree with you that there's plenty of hypocrisy,
>>so much it's appalling....
>>The Bahai faith is a beautiful dream on paper....
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