The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: <>
Subject: Re: SRB Forgery of my signature file
Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 9:02 PM
Roger wrote:
> You do make a good point about long signatures being accepted from
> other individuals.  IMHO, it would be best if there were a firm limit
> on the length of signatures, with any exceeding that length to be
> truncated or rejected for posting.
> Roger (
Dear Roger et al,
I don't think the issue for moderators has ever really been the length of
sig. files despites the claims being tallied back and forth.  I posted a
couple of regular posters' longer sig. files to show that length of four or
five lines of text isn't a consideration when moderating posts.
From memory Bill never mentioned the length of the sig. file being a problem,
it was always because he felt it contravened his SRB moderator's code of
ethics because it had a pointer to a mailing list that posted CB material.  I
feel this is a poor excuse however; because of a mere reference to a mailing
list on the bottom of a sig. file that has the *opportunity* for CBs to post
their material, I don't feel is a reasonable excuse for banning a pointer to
the mailing list.  Any CB can post to talk.religion.misc, alt.religion.bahai,
MCD (a mailing list I used to belong to), they can fork out money and buy an
ad in the Sunday Times if they want to - and no one would think of removing
reference to these groups or forms of media.  Not to mention Fred's mailing
list is not set up for the sole purpose of propogating CB material, he simply
doesn't disallow them avenue to speak on it AND it should be remembered that
Baha'is are NOT forbidden from reading CB material, they are strongly
discouraged! So this is, in my very humble opinion, a smokescreen.
Whatever the reasons for clipping Fred's sig. file, all these excuses I think
are not valid, they are excuses put forth in hindsight because Fred made a
I don't think Fred will get an apology or a re-post, so for my mind, the iss>
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