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From: S. Michele Smith <>
To: FG <>
Cc: Baha'i SRB Moderators <>
Subject: Re: "Investigation" of Withdrawals (was Leaving Faith)
Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 2:03 AM
Dear Mr. Glaysher,
At the present time, it is the decision of the moderators of soc-religion-bahai
not to include your URL signature. This decision has been made after much
discussion and after having visited the site. While, as you state, you are not
*responsible* for the contents of what gets posted to the two lists, or what
others might say in the links included in your site, they do *in fact* contain
materials or pointers to known Covenant Breakers. This is not allowable within
the charter of soc-religion-bahai. Not one of the moderators of srb is
insinuating anything, nor are we casting judgment on you. You are not being
singled out, as there have been many other submissions which have been declined
for similar reasons.
Your reference to the fact that there are any number of links that exist out
there on the Internet that lead to CB material is a point well taken. However,
please keep in mind that the charter of srb, and by default, the moderators,
will make every effort to not publish any materials or possible links to
those materials.  In deleting your signature file, Mr. Hyman was, in fact,
following the charter of srb, and not attempting to forge anything. That is his
responsibility as a moderator.  In future, we will, rather than deleting the sig
file, return the submission to you unposted with the request that you edit it
yourself. Mr. Hyman was simply trying to follow the charter while at the same
time getting your submission posted in a timely fashion.
Please consider that any future submissions from you will not be posted if they
contain the sig file. If you wish to include it, then we will return them to you
for editing.
S. Michele Smith
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From: FG <>
Newsgroups: soc.religion.bahai
Date: Sunday, June 07, 1998 7:24 PM
Subject: Re: "Investigation" of Withdrawals (was Leaving Faith)
Bill Collins wrote in message <"IrytsD.A.mxB.wCYe1">...
>I continue to be amazed at the paranoia that seems to possess so many
>in this age.
There's no paranoia, only observation of the way many Bahais operate
in the Bahai Faith.... Your last response here to a message of mine
and the refusal of srb moderators to post my reply, now available on
my web site, is the precisely the type of thing that leads many Bahais
to realize how controlled and contrived much discussion and
information is....
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