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Subject:      Re: Bahai "art"/hate mail #2
Date:         1997/07/08
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> Bill & Jane Hyman wrote:
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> > I did not think much of F. Glaysher's posting to soc.religion.bahai on
> > "art". It did not portray the loving spirit which most of us have come
> > to expect in this forum. I would like to volunteer to censor his future
> > postings.                               Bill Hyman
> No fascism here.... Hitler felt the same way about his "art."
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> FG
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Censorship is the essence of Bahaism. As Bahaullah himself said those who
oppose us are ignorant. Over and over my postings have been censored for
sco.religion.bahai. They have spammed soc.culture.iranian with propaganda
trash and yet censored every legitimate articles from poeple questioning
their validity. I have also noticed all the anti-Bahai publications in my
local library have gone missing. I would not be surprised if at some
point they start to conduct book burning rituals to protect the faith.
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