The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Island Business Center (Bill Hyman) <>
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Subject: FW: SRB censored 5-25-98
Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 8:31 PM
Mr. Glaysher:
This submission will not be posted to srb as we do not accept cross posting.
I considered advertising to the srb readership against our
charter as it has been posting CB material. Your web page address has
already been posted, and due to negative comments from srb readers I will
not be be posting it again.
All your submissions, which meet the standards of our charter will be
posted, but your advertising will not.
Was the real purpose of your submission to srb to advertise your e-mail
addresses, or to submit a quotation of Abdul-Baha? If the latter, your goal
was attained - so why are you complaining?
Bill Hyman
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Subject: Re: SRB censored 5-25-98
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 08:27:25 -0400
Maryam Butson wrote in message <>...
>Hmmmm...I am generally *for* the SRB moderators, but even *I* can see this
>looks nothing LIKE a mere "personal note".
>>>As this appears to be a personal note I have not posted it to srb.
Here's another instance of srb censoring in a subtle way. I post this
to srb on the 18th. They only posted after I emailed them as I explain
in another current thread you might read here. What they finally
actually posted to srb clips my signature file, everything below
alt.religion.bahai. See the current version on srb for yourself. Please
note that while doing that the "moderator" added back in the
right arrow symbol, ">," concealing his changes from unsuspecting
readers of srb....

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From: FG <>
Newsgroups: soc.religion.bahai
Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 6:45 AM
Subject: Re: New site: "The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience"
>Roger Borseth wrote in message <"DRnaXC.A.mAG.lOvX1">...
>>Say: True liberty consisteth....
>"These are effectual and sufficient proofs that the conscience of man is
>sacred and to be respected; and that liberty thereof produces widening
>of ideas, amendment of morals, improvement of conduct, disclosure of
>the secrets of the contingent world. Moreover, if interrogation of
>conscience, which is one of the private possessions of the heart and
>the soul, take place in this world, what further recompense remains for
>man in the court of divine justice at the day of general resurrection?
>Convictions and ideas are within the scope of the comprehension of the
>King of kings, not of kings; and soul and conscience are between the
>fingers of control of the Lord of hearts, not of [His] servants."
>Abdul-Baha, A Traveler's Narrative, 91.
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