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From: Maryam Butson <>
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Subject: Re: SRB censored 5-25-98
Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 11:05 AM
Hmmm I re-read this in another area - and whilst this whole thing may seem
rather petty - I can see where Fred is coming from (and believe me, anyone
who searches the archives will see that Fred and I have occasionally had our
"moments" - I am not his greatest fan (sorry Fred)).  The thing that
concerns me is this:
>>Mr. Glaysher:
>>This submission will not be posted to srb as we do not accept cross
AFAIK I've cross-posted before and gotten away with it, I was not aware this
was a "rule".  (Must admit Fred, sometimes it's a bit much to see the same
post on every newsgroup I try to read), but notwithstanding that, this seems
rather flimsy as I have seen SRB posters cross-post, and I've done it myself
from time to time.
I can understand rules against someone spamming every newsgroup under the
sun, but I don't think Fred has quite reached THAT level yet.
>>I considered advertising to the srb readership against our
>>charter as it has been posting CB material.
Firstly, there is nothing in Fred's sig. file that mentions CB material.  If
THAT were a genuine excuse all Baha'is should be banned from the internet
because CB material exists on it!  The fact that on an open list CB material
*can* be posted is hardly a valid reason for snipping an entire sig. file
that merely mentions the list - *not* the CB material.  One might as well
ban any header that says AOL because some CBers have AOL accounts.
Not to mention that this one is WAY out there for another reason.  I've
never seen *other* SRB posters have their signature files snipped left right
and centre, not to mention that Fred's sig. file is hardly a huge
advertisement.   Bill you are giving Fred fuel for his fire.  I used to
think Fred was paranoid - now I am not so sure!  Justice *is* the Best
Beloved of all things remember, regardless if it means you have to
occasionally allow Fred to post to SRB.
You may not like what Fred has to say, but purposefully snipping his
sig.file to try and make it as difficult as possible for people to *hear*
what he has to say, comes across at best, petty ... at worst, confirmation
of his accusations.
Anyway here is Fred's file:
Usenet: alt.religion.bahai
List Archive & Subscription:
Email subscription:
The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience:
Now lets look at some other SRB poster's sig. files:
Trisha Rainsford's:
TeeCee Publishing
P. O. Box 9110
New Zealand
Ph/Fax: 64-7-846-7484
Graham Sorenson's (who happens to be a very good friend of mine - and I like
all his sig.files *G*) -- -- --
"The Baha'is". A magazine format, Wonderful introduction to the Faith.
and Chris Manvell's
   Chris Manvell, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Newsgroup readers: Please remove SPAMGUARD from address before e-mailing.
Verily, Jesus said:  "Come ye after Me, and I will make you to become
fishers of men."  In this day, however, We say:  "Come ye after Me, that
We may make you to become quickeners of mankind."          [Baha'u'llah]
For more info goto: <>
<>, or <>
All of whom as much advertising as Fred.
>>Your web page address has
>>already been posted, and due to negative comments from srb readers I will
>>not be be posting it again.
I'd be interested in seeing what these complaints are.  I must admit I find
it difficult to believe that SRB readers *specifically* objected to Fred
posting his signature file because they didn't like his web page.
>>All your submissions, which meet the standards of our charter will be
>>posted, but your advertising will not.
>>Was the real purpose of your submission to srb to advertise your e-mail
>>addresses, or to submit a quotation of Abdul-Baha? If the latter, your
>>was attained - so why are you complaining?
I am starting to understand *why* Fred is paranoid.
>>Bill Hyman
For my two cents Bill, and I normally have a fairly high regard for SRB
moderation, the more you try and silence Fred, the more he will object,
struggle, and a larger issue will be made.   If he really has nothing of
import to say - then air it and let it dissolve - this suppression only
feeds fuel to the fire and makes people like *me* sympathetic to what he has
to say about SRB.
Regards as always