The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject:      SRB Censored: 8-13-97
From:         FG <>
Date:         1997/08/13
Message-ID:   <>
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Another excellent example of censorship on soc.religion.bahai.
All three of the reasons given below are bogus, in my opinion.
This message does address the crucial existence of censorship
in the Bahai Faith; it adds to and states ideas not found in
the other three messages (by my count); AND please someone
point out to me WHERE in my message there is "abusive
Subject:         Re: censorship - moderators
       Date:     Wed, 13 Aug 1997 02:14:21 -0600
       From:     "Rick Boatright" <>
Organization:    Topeka Business Computers
         To:     FG <>,,
This one is coming back to you.  It's your fifth message tonight on 
the same subject saying the same thing.  I let you accuse Dick and 
myself of being liers,  censors, I let you accuse us of being 
unwilling to listen to suggestion and being hopelessly inconsistant.  
But just for the record, I am returning this one on the following 
1) Does not address the beliefs and teachings of the Baha'i Faith
2) Repetative, does not move the discussion forward, fifth message 
tonight by the poster on the same subject. 
3) abusive language

Rick Boatright
> To:  
> From:          FG <>
> Subject:       Re: censorship - moderators
> Date:          Tue, 12 Aug 1997 08:35:10 -0400
> Organization:  None
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> dmcadam wrote:
> > 
> > [Note: Followups should address the Baha'i Faith.  -- Mods]
> > 
> > In answer to your last message :
> > 
> > Dear friend-
> > 
> > I can only speak from an individual point of view as a long time
> > Baha'i and my experience is that most folks today simply cannot
> > handle a wide open, no holds barred, let it all hang out type of
> > discussion.  These open forums tend to be hostile and
> > attack/defend type things where one has great trouble achieving
> > unity and discovering truth.
> "Achieving unity and discovering truth": Usually means
> thinking the same as the moderators who know how others
> should regard any given subject....
> > 
> > In time I feel we will be developed enough to be self regulating.
> Self-censoring is how I read that.... 
> > Personally the moderators are not trying to censor anyone, just
> > keep things in perspective by applying principles of full, frank
> > and honest opinions, tempered with courtesy, tact and wisdom.  I
> > really appreciate the wonderful job they do.  I too have had
> > submissions refused but they always kindly and lovingly give their
> > reason and most of the times I feel it is valid.  Course they and
> > I both know that none of us is perfect.
> You too have been censored by them? "Most of the times" (note the
> plural) you think it's "valid"? "Not trying to censor anyone"? It
> appears to me there is much confused thinking here....
> > 
> > We Baha'is know how suppressing it can be for a soul to want to
> > find the truth and not be able to because of negative emotions
> > clouding issues so we want to create a safe and secure, loving
> > atmosphere where freedom of speech can be enjoyed in such a way
> > that it will not distress anyone.
> A very frightening rationale, which horrible historical
> precedents....
> > 
> > My children are not allowed to use foul language, attack one
> > another, use put downs, categorize things by labelling people or
> > showing racist or other forms of divisiveness that impede soul
> > relations.  I feel to a great extent we are  all kind of like
> > spiritual children and do need some detached moderation.
> > 
> > We have all sorts of wonderful teachings about speech and how we
> > must conduct ourselves in term of fulfilling our overall goal of
> > love and unity in the world and they all fit scientific findings. 
> > However not everyone has read these or tried them on for size and
> > we lapse back into speech patterns that do not reflect our reality
> > and cause disunity.
> "Scientific findings"? Ahhhmmmm.... Can you quote those for
> us?
> > 
> > In addition we join this list knowing that it is moderated and we
> > mostly all agree that it should be. So our part of the agreement
> > is to follow these list guidelines and cooperate to make the world
> > a better place.
> Or off with your head....
> > 
> > I believe it might be a good idea for the Moderators to post the
> > List guidelines.  If you don't agree with them then say why and I
> > am sure they will listen.
> I am not so sure. 
> > 
> > with all due respect,
> > doug
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