The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From:         john markovitch <>
Date:         1997/10/17
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   alt.religion.bahai
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Chris wrote:
> In a message which I read on alt.religion.bahai, john markovitch
> <> wrote
> >I John a member of Bahai Esperanto League is very fed up with Bahai
> >Facism and Censored my Esperanto part 2-9 and a responese to a Esperanto
> >postings. I do call for further reatalition against Bahai .Moderators
> >which they are nothing bucnh of rednekks Bahais .I call for
> >Soc.Religion.Bahai to be closed .Please support CLOSURE of soc.religion.
> >Bahai . We ask send e-mails to soc.religion.Bahai to NSA to support
> >freedom of speech and closure of soc.religion.Bahai for the reasons
> >of Bahai Facism on the NET.
> >John.M
> Dear John,
> Instead of railing about SRB, which has to operate within its charter,
> why not post your Esperanto messages 1 to 9 to this group?  Even though,
> technically, they would be off topic I'm sure no-one would mind.  Then
> we can judge for ourselves.
> As a side comment, I would suggest that posting about Esperanto to SRB
> is probably off-topic anyway.  True, many Baha'is support Esperanto,
> including one of my friends here in the UK, but it would also be true to
> say that Baha'is also support many other things that would be off topic
> on a newsgroup whose existance is primarily for discussion of teh Baha'i
> Faith.
> While you're at it, you had better call for the closure of EVERY
> moderated group, not to mention most newspapers, women's magazines etc.,
> as I am sure none of them would be publishing your letters either?  And,
> bear in mind that, although 'Abdul-Baha gave His support to Esperanto,
> it is only one contender as an international language and, in the end,
> it is not the Baha'is that will choose this language, it is the
> governments of the world.  Just to take one quote (there are others,
> probably betterI have no time to look now) --
>      Baha'u'llah enjoins the adoption of a universal language and
> script.  His Writings envisage two stages in this process. The first
> stage is to consist of the selection of an existing language or an
> invented one which would then be taught in all the schools of the world
> as an auxiliary to the mother tongues.  The governments of the world
>                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> through their parliaments are called upon to effect this momentous
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> enactment.  The second stage, in the distant future, would be the
> ^^^^^^^^^
> eventual adoption of one single language and common script for all on
> earth.
> (Baha'u'llah:  Aqdas:  Notes, page 250)
> Chris Manvell, Isle of Skye, Scotland.           Tel.:+44+(0)1471-822317
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> We may make you to become quickeners of mankind."          [Baha'u'llah]
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Dear Chris bahaullah Never Imposed was supporter of Censorships impose
dof Bahai 
New World ORder. Soc.religion.Bahai we had this problems for several
years now
we are taking our matters to all newsgroups if is what bunch of rednekks
Michelle and other moderators are desires. Yet You say Esperanto is OFF
How dare are you talking to say that. You are another unfair  Bahai whom
of Esperanto International Langauge also. Off topic what else is off
also?Can you tell me also?Esperanto is part OF bahai and Bahai Faith
part of
Esperanto estas la dua lingvo por chui.
John M