The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Steve Marshall <>
Subject: Re: Letter of resignation
Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 2:00 AM
>They obviously had Juan in mind. 
>Susan Stiles Maneck
>History, Stetson University
Thanks, Susan, for having the courage to give us your opinion on who
one of the people is. And the other names are...?
Do the counsellors you talk to on the phone share this opinion? I
guess I can't expect you to answer that one.
If the Universal House of Justice's April 7 letter is about Juan, then
it needs to come up with some pretty good evidence for the accusations
contained in it. Currently the House seems largely reliant on
descriptions of Talisman and its discussions that are sent to it by
disaffected Talismanians.
As far as I'm concerned, Juan's ideas are a breath of fresh air, and
I've seen no evidence of him using his "position" (what position is
that, anyway?) in any underhand way. If individually expressed ideas
can undermine the Covenant, then we might as well all go home.
These silly witch-hunts aren't doing anybody any good, and I applaud
people for resigning, and for taking whatever protest actions their
consciences tell them to take. You too, Susan. If you're following
your conscience on this one, then good on you.
ka kite,
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