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Subject: Re: The root of the problem (was Re: Baha'u'llah's grammer and Mahdi's gwammer)
Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 1:02 AM
Dear Susan,
> I would be interested to see where Shoghi Effendi says this about his
> interpretations (as opposed to his policies or his translations.)
I said "pronouncements" which would also fall under the rubric
"policies" and "translations". But perhaps we could entice Jackson
Armstrong-Ingram to post some unpublished letters, correspondences,
etc., that would place certain interpretations under its purview, as
> You denied it a couple of years ago
I denied what a couple of years ago? That I had called the US NSA
authoritarian!? Wrong denial, babe. Get your facts straight. I think I
still have our correspondence tucked away somewhere, maybe I can find
it and send it along to you to refresh your memory. If you recall, what
I specifcally denied was the charge that I personally was responsible
for some bogus claim that scholars should become a counter institution
legally checking the powers of the UHJ. I'd never said any such thing.
That was someone else.
> when I offered that as a possible
> explanation for why this letter was written.
Your explanation was way off-the-mark.
> I read that letter and don't remember it saying anything about
>monitoring your activities. Perhaps you could post the relevant
>portion here.
I'll post the whole thing. See below.
> As I recall, it said the youth should be advised as to your present
>status. Again, I don't remember it saying anything about being "kept
No, it advised the LSA as to my present status. But, in effect, what it
said was for me to be actively shunned and to be "alert" to my
activities. Maybe I'm stupid, but what does being "alert" to someone's
activities mean other than to monitor them?
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4 November 1997
The Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the Gold Coast
PO Box 833
Southport 4215
Dear Baha’i Friends,
The National Spiritual Assembly of Australia has been informed by the
National Spiritual Assembly of the United States that Mr. Nima Hazini
occasionally spends time in Australia visiting parents and often
associates with the Baha’i youth here. As Mr. Hazini’s parents are
members of your community we are sharing the following information
(which has been provided by the National Assembly of the United States)
with your Assembly:
"…It is important for you to know that Mr. Hazini withdrew his Baha’i
membership in December 1996 after expressing his strong dissatisfaction
with the Baha’i community and our National Spiritual Assembly. Shortly
after his withdrawal was accepted, Mr. Hazini wrote to the National
Spiritual Assembly stating that he had not withdrawn from the Baha’i
Faith but had withdrawn only from the Baha’i community. He provided a
copy of his letter to the Universal House of Justice…When Mr. Hazini
received a copy of the Universal House of Justice’s letter, he chose
not to pursue reinstatement of his Baha’i membership. The last
information that we had about him was that he had decided to become a
follower of Sufism."
At one stage Mr. Hazini was transferred to the United States as a
Baha’i in good standing. However, in light of the information given by
the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States we have made the
necessary changes in our records about his status. Your Spiritual
Assembly is advised to be alert to Mr. Nima Hazini’s activities in your
area, when he comes to Australia to visit his parents, especially his
association with the Baha’i youth.. Thanking you for your cooperation
and with loving Baha’i greetings.
Gul Williams for the Secretariat Reg.
Office: Baha’i National Centre,
173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW
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