The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: K. Paul Johnson <>
To: <>
Subject: [bahai-faith] Softening the rhetoric
Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 11:49 AM
According to FG:
> They're passages from the writings he quoted in an
> attempt to change the subject from Hyman's forging
> my sig file
Roger is right; forging implies his writing something and claiming
you wrote it.  Instead, Hyman edited your sig file.  It was still
arbitrary, unfounded in policy, and done without consulting you.
(As was his rejection of my post about `Abdu'l Baha's predictions
of all religions being unified in this century, which he
apparently just threw away.  Perhaps because I'd proven him wrong
in having denied such a passage exists.)  Hyman is clearly a real
detriment as srb moderator.  Quite unlike any others I've ever
dealt with.  But forgery is an excessive charge.
 to backbiting and criticism, from Bud Polk's
> threatening me, to it being all my fault....
Again, you're making more of this than what happened.  He didn't
outright threaten you; his message was harassment, in my book,
with an *implicit* threat at best.
Sometimes, Fred, I think your excessive rhetoric plays right into
the hands of Baha'i defenders of the status quo (even defenders
of Hyman and Polk in these indefensible instances.)  If you would
just calmly describe what they did, rather than editorialize
about it, I think it would have more persuasive power.
At other times, I wonder if any critic of destructive behavior by
any Baha'i (e.g. the Danesh incident in Canada, described by Cole
and Scholl in various emails) will ever get the least bit of
credence from any other Baha'i.  Those who don't want to hear bad news
will always blame the messenger rather than attend to the
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