The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

Subject: Re: trb & arb FAQ (Frequently ASKED Questions)
From: (K. Paul Johnson)
Date: 1999/10/11
Newsgroups: talk.religion.bahai,alt.religion.bahai
Mark Elderkin ( wrote:
: You have to get a life Patrick Henry
It would surely be better to actually discuss matters than
just to robotically repost the way Fred does.
................ Are these postings
: going to just keep showing up every week or so?
 It is a feeble attempt to
: try to influence people new to this bulletin board. I am sure that anyone
: who has been here for awhile, will have already developed their own opinion
: of your material.
Without reading it, in some cases, probably.
 I, myself, have read and totally dismissed every single
: topic.
This is highly revealing.  If you'd read everything on the
website, and dismissed everything a particular person had to say
on any topic, or dismissed everything anyone said one a
particular topic, there might be some question about your
objectivity.  But when you *totally dismiss every single topic*
regardless of who said what about it, there's no room for
questioning.  You're totally partisan.
 Your sources are imaginative.
Professor Cole's recent appointment as IJMES editor shows just
what esteem his professional colleagues have for this "source."
 I get your point, though. It is obvious
: that you must have great animosity towards the Universal House of Justice. I
: still consider Them an infallible source of guidance in my
: beliefs............... but that's me.
Not even what they claim for themselves!  Guidance for your
actions, yes.  As to your beliefs, they disclaim being any such
infallible source (out of one side of their collective mouth, at
least.)  Who needs or wants an infallible source for his/her
beliefs, and why?
 Maybe you could start your own
: bulletin board 'alt.disbelievers.bahaism' or something similar.
He started this newsgroup and arb.