The Baha'i Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience

From: Ron House <>
Subject: Re: Quote from Ruhiyyih Khanum censored by SRB
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 12:36 AM
BrentMReed wrote:
>  Soc.religion.bahai is a big joke and an affront to the Founders of the Baha'i
> Faith.  It is a lifeless and intellectually backward censored board, infused
> with the spiritually suffocating air of profound and ignorant hypocrisy, and
> and manipulated by those with a disdain for the Will and Testament of
> 'Abd'ul-Baha.
>  Brent Reed
> [Two messages attached, one from BR to SRB advertising the Orthodox Baha'i
> Faith, and one from Bill Hyman, co-moderator, SRB, rejecting the post. - RH]
It is quite humorous seeing SRB reject an article that centred on a
statement of Ruhiyyih Khanum's. But more seriously, by doing so they
have demonstrated that SRB is acting as an organ of the Baha'i Faith and
not as an impartial source of information and discussion. SRB is carried
free of charge by government, university, and commercial organisations
as a service, and this represents considerable monetary value. By
treating such a contributed facility as a Baha'i organ, the moderators
of SRB are effectively accepting donations from non-Baha'is.
Ron House  
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