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From: Juan Cole <>
Subject: Re: Hooper Dunbar and Austin Powers
Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 7:54 PM

You are being disingenuous.  It is precisely because my messages were
being bounced to Dunbar that I got the out-of-office memo.
I know by the header which list this bounced message came from.  The
list logs of that list are closed to non-members, and I know who is
subscribed.  Dunbar isn't.  A few other moderators (whose email
addresses are in the header) have also gotten the OOF message.
Dunbar could have applied to become a member, and I would have been glad
to admit him.  Since he had someone bounce my messages to him in secret,
I can only conclude that he wished to read them without my knowing that
he was doing so.  This in turn seems to me to be a form of spying,
regardless of the motives for it.
cheers   Juan

Juan Cole, History, U of Michigan
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