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From: Juan Cole <>
Subject: Re: Baha'i Historian and Distorting History
Date: Saturday, July 10, 1999 2:56 AM

But in fact the Universal House of Justice and its agents *routinely put
pressure on Baha'i historians to distort facts, suppress primary
sources, and generally act in ways that academic procedures would deem
simply dishonest.  I felt them myself. Even the text of a primary source
like Salmani's *My Memories of Baha'u'llah* was tampered with at the
insistence of the Universal House of Justice, something for which it has
never apologized.  This would be like the Vatican ordering passages
deleted from the Gospel of Mark!
So these are fine sentiments, but they are either bald-faced lies or
evidences of hypocrisy.
cheers   Juan Cole, Professor, Dept. of History, University f Michigan
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  "Mesbah Javid" <> wrote:
>         The fact that the Faith, as the Guardian states,
> "enjoins upon its followers the primary duty of an
> unfettered search after truth", should reassure any aspiring
> Bahá'í historian that there can be no question of any
> requirement to distort history in the so-called "interests"
> of the Faith. On the contrary, the combination of profound
> faith and freedom of thought is one of the great strengths
> of the Bahá'í religion. It does, however, place a great
> responsibility upon Bahá'í historians to put forward their
> views and conclusions with moderation and due humility.
> (obo UHJ, 18 July 1979)
Juan Cole, History, U of Michigan
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